20 tie breaker questions for your home pub quiz


Digital pub quizzes have turn into one of the crucial standard pastimes as of late, and all this quizzing means some opponents may give the Chasers a run for their cash. So subsequent time you’re internet hosting on Home Social gathering, Google Hangouts, Zoom or Messenger and there’s a draw… what do you do?

Haven’t any concern, RadioTimes.com is right here with a spherical dedicated to tiebreakers you should use at your subsequent on-line gathering – learn on for 20 unimaginable questions! Solutions beneath – no dishonest…

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Listed here are 20 robust tiebreakers – closest reply wins…


  1. How lengthy was the Titanic?
  2. For what number of months was Queen Victoria on the throne?
  3. What number of minutes lengthy is 1972 gangster epic The Godfather?
  4. What number of stars are on the Brazilian flag?
  5. How vast is the Golden Gate Bridge?
  6. In response to the UN, what number of international locations are there in Africa?
  7. What number of British fighter planes have been shot down throughout the Battle of Britain?
  8. What proportion of Earth’s floor is roofed in water?
  9. In miles, how lengthy is the road that may you draw with an HB pencil earlier than it runs out?
  10. What number of days had Nice British Practice Robber Ronnie Biggs been on the run for when he returned to the UK in 2001?
  11. What number of publish workplaces are there in India?
  12. How excessive is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest constructing on the earth?
  13. What’s the seating capability of the 02 area?
  14. What’s Usain Bolt’s prime recorded pace?
  15. What’s Samuel L Jackson’s birthday?
  16. What number of loos are within the White Home?
  17. By which 12 months did the European Financial Neighborhood turn into the European
  18. What number of zeroes are in a Googol?
  19. What number of episodes of Buddies have been made?
  20. What’s the circumference of the Earth?
  1. 269m
  2. 763 months
  3. 178 minutes
  4. 27
  5. 27 metres
  6. 54
  7. 1023
  8. 71%
  9. 35 miles
  10. 13, 068
  11. 155, 015
  12. 828m
  13. 20,000
  14. 27.9mph
  15. 21st December 1948
  16. 35
  17. 1993
  18. 100
  19. 236
  20. 24,901 miles (or 40,075km)


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