20 travel questions for your home pub quiz


As our capacity to travel has gone down, the nation’s ardour for quizzing has solely gone up! So subsequent time you’re on Home Occasion, Google Hangouts, Zoom or Messenger with your mates, see how a lot they keep in mind of a time way back when travelling appeared essentially the most regular factor on this planet.

RadioTimes.com is right here with a spherical dedicated to travel you should utilize at your subsequent on-line gathering – learn on for 20 jet-setting questions! Solutions under – no dishonest…

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Suitcases and boarding passes on the prepared, let’s quiz!


  1. What number of islands lie inside Australia’s borders – 822 or 8,222?
  2. Which Center Japanese nation opened its borders to international vacationers in 2019?
  3. The Spanish Steps are during which metropolis?
  4. Wherein nation would a thumbs up be thought-about a impolite gesture?
  5. Which two cities did the unique Orient Specific travel between?
  6. For those who had been to go to the Nationwide Weight loss plan, you’d be visiting the parliament of which nation?
  7. O’Hare Airport serves which American metropolis?
  8. Lemurs can solely be seen within the wild on which nation?
  9. Which Caribbean Island is named the Island of Spice?
  10. Which capital metropolis is the furthest north on this planet?
  11. Wherein African nation are you able to order a fantasy coffin?
  12. Which European nation has essentially the most World Heritage websites?
  13. What’s the capital metropolis of Serbia, which has been battled over in 115 wars attributable to its strategic place?
  14. The Straight of Gibraltar connects the Atlantic Ocean with which Sea?
  15. The place are you able to go to Tivoli Gardens?
  16. On the London Underground map, which line is the color black?
  17. For those who had been cruising in Halong Bay, you’d be in what nation?
  18. What flightless hen is the native image of New Zealand?
  19.  What had been the highest three most confiscated gadgets at airport safety in 2019?
  20. Grand Canyon Nationwide Park is during which US state?


  1. 8,222
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Rome
  4. Iran
  5. Paris and Istanbul
  6. Japan
  7. Chicago
  8. Madagascar
  9. Grenada
  10. Reykjavik
  11. Ghana
  12. Italy
  13. Belgrade
  14. Mediterranean
  15. Copenhagen
  16. Northern Line
  17. Vietnam
  18. Kiwi
  19. Snow globes, jams and spreads, toiletries
  20. Arizona

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