20,000+ Developers Respond: The Technologies They’re Learning The Most About And The Blockchain Variants That Are Succeeding


SlashData’s 2022 State of the Developer Survey offers the technologies that most attract the attention of software developers in the world.

According to your survey made to more than 20,000 programmers Spread across 166 countries, blockchain applications, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are the ones developers are learning the most about.

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crypto wins


Despite the huge drop that cryptocurrencies are suffering in the world, such as bitcoin (or more recently LUNA), developers bet on cryptocurrencies over all others technologies.

As you can see in the graph, a little more than a third (34%) of developers surveyed said they were learning about cryptocurrencieswhile 16% claimed to be actively working on cryptocurrency-related projects and have already adopted them.

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On the other hand, although only 11% of developers have adopted NFTs or non-fungible tokens, which saw their big push in 2021 (and now many of these have lost their value), a 32% of computer programming experts have declared that they intend to bet for them. SlashData calls it “a potentially profitable niche for those who get involved.

Likewise, 30% of developers are learning about blockchain applications other than cryptocurrencies. SlashData found that there is a lot of interest in learning about blockchain applications (and that many developers have taken to doing so). This sector is the one that has increased the most of all technologies. Regardless, the adoption of blockchain apps among developers has stagnated compared to a year ago. only the 12% of developers are currently working on blockchain projects.

Artificial intelligence and metaverse


These three technologies adjacent to cryptocurrencies had the highest rates of adoption and learning among all the technologies included in the SlashData report.

The following most popular technologies highlighted by programming experts were the metaverse and AI-assisted software development: 28% of developers are learning about these technologies. However, at the time of the report, only 9% had started their adoption of metaverse technologies.

Besides, 1 in 4 programmers (about 25%) want to learn edge computing and robotics and they are in it.


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