24 things Monster Hunter Rise does not tell you and is very useful to know


Are you already enjoying hunting on Nintendo Switch? The franchise’s new game may be straightforward for franchise veterans to understand, but it’s complex for newcomers. We have already made our particular Monster Hunter Rise beginner’s guide that we invite you to read, but there are other elements that the game itself does not tell you that are worth knowing.

We have compiled 24 Things Monster Hunter Rise Doesn’t Tell You Directly But Worth Knowing, as they are very useful elements to progress.

The 24 things Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t tell us

Monster Hunter Rise is full of infinite tutorials, guides, notes and a lot of elements that we invite you to read, although sometimes they can be more messy than help. These items are not counted in the game and you should know about them.

Single missions and multiplayer missions

The missions of the village, those to which we access from the outside, can only be played at the individual level. The missions that we access within the meetinghouse are designed for multiplayer cooperation, although they can also be overcome alone.

The missions in the village are usually much simpler than those in the meeting room. To complete the story, yes, you will have to alternate between the two. If you do not have friends to play the missions in the meeting room, you can activate the access point at the beginning of each mission so that other players online can join or follow the instructions in the next point.

Skip meeting room missions

Once you have achieved the four-star missions in the village, you will begin to receive special licensing tests. Completing these (quite complicated) missions will increase the meeting room level by one rank. That is, you can actually skip the Gathering Room missions (the ones that are meant for multiplayer, as we’ve outlined earlier) through these special Village Missions.

About Hunter Rank

Your hunter rank is linked only to the missions of the meeting room, being able to join any of the low-rank missions from the beginning and to the high-rank missions when you reach rank 4. That is, this rank is the one that it will allow you to access higher-ranking missions as you increase.

Skip cinematic scenes

When you’re done with a hunt, you can hit the B button to skip that annoying little monster kill scene so you can get down to collecting its parts straight away. This can also be done in the rest of the cutscenes in general, even in multiplayer mode, although in this case all the players present in the game must agree.

Inside your home you can rewatch the cinematic scenes of the story whenever you want.

Get free items in the village

Whenever you can, take a walk around the village and talk to the characters, as many of them will offer you free quests and items. In particular, do not forget to take a look at the nest in the comrades square, climbing the tree.

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A hunter has to eat

The Dango that we can order in the canteens of the village or the meetinghouse will always increase our maximum health and resistance for the next hunt, in addition to granting special abilities. It is essential that you always do it before each mission.

If you like a combination of Dangos in particular, you can save it for regular orders so you can access it whenever you want without having to do it each time by hand. Keep in mind that the dangos menu will offer all the dangos that all players in the session have available, so take a look because there may be some available that you have not yet unlocked.

Quick tricks of the Chordopter

When using the chordopter, there is a very simple button combination that will allow you to go great distances: Press ZL and then X to propel yourself, followed by B just one second after falling to roll forward. Repeat to move forward at full speed and press A in case you want to hang in the air.

Running up the walls easily

Running along the walls in Monster Hunter Rise is essential to climb to elevated areas or to shorten many trips. To do this, simply launch yourself towards the wall you want to run the chordal through (ZL + B, and make sure you have a chordopter available) and hold down the R button to run down the wall. If you run out of energy in the middle of the climb, you can re-launch the chopper to keep running.

Ride the monsters that are not targeted

The large monsters that are on the map and that are not the objective of the mission, are very easy to assemble. A few simple chordopter blows will help you to mount them and take advantage of them to launch them against your target monster or to carry out attacks. Whenever you see someone nearby or join the battle, take advantage of it to your advantage.

Learn to evade attacks when riding a monster

When you’re riding a monster and want to take advantage of it to attack another, evasion is almost as important as attacks. Take a good look at the opponent and evade just before their attack to increase the bar and to counterattack quickly, since you will do additional damage.

Take advantage of the chests

Chests are essential in Monster Hunter Rise and not only the one you will find at the beginning of each hunt (which always provides useful objects) but those that are scattered around the village. There you will find the 14 types of weapons that you can access whenever you want. From there you can also craft objects without having to get resources beforehand, so take advantage of it.

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Hunter’s Notes

Each time you face a monster you will add new information to the Hunter Notes, which is essential for future hunts. There you will find the states and elements that do them the most damage, the parts that you can obtain in their hunts, the elements that you must break or cut to get certain resources … it is a compendium of essential information. You’ll also find tutorials for each type of weapon, in case you want to take a look.

Capture instead of hunt, when is the time?

You can capture the monsters in Monster Hunter Rise instead of killing them and in fact, in some missions it will be essential to do so. The most difficult thing is knowing when the monster allows it. Look at the logo at the top of the screen, where all the monsters present on the map appear: below it a blue icon will appear when it is ready to be captured.

To capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise, place one of the traps on the ground and make it pass over it. Then, throw the sleeping balls near his head to put him to sleep. The hunt will end instantly and successfully.

New weapon schematics

New weapon schematics can be unlocked at the forge by capturing some monsters, so it’s worth doing rather than hunting them on certain occasions.

Save everything you can

Even if you get many objects and resources that, a priori, do not seem very useful, it is best that you save them and do not sell them. You will not have too many problems of lack of money in the game, but you may lack certain resources at times and most of them are used for a lot of crafting. Treasure them all, don’t be afraid.

Region Exclusive Items

Some items and resources can only be obtained in exclusive regions. No map in the game has all the materials.

Save the armor spheres

One of the most valuable resources in Monster Hunter Rise is Armor Spheres. These are usually obtained by completing the secondary missions (do not forget to always have five active) and will allow you to improve the armor. It is best that you save them for the higher quality armor in the future, do not waste them in the first hours of play.

Items and resources in multiplayer

Most of the objects and resources that we find in Monster Hunter Rise playing in multiplayer mode can be obtained by all players, but some of them can only be obtained by one player simultaneously. In addition, the reward materials for killing monsters also vary for each player.

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The Argosy and the Miaurcenarios

If you are not using or taking advantage of the Argosy or the Miaurcenaries in the village, it is time for you to do it: not only is it a good way to obtain extra resources, but some objects and materials can only be obtained exclusively through them.

Comrade Skills and Equipment

Your comrades Felyne and Canyne will level up just like you, learning some new skills. This is great, but you need to equip them by hand if you want to use them.

Full armor

Although it is normal to dress pieces and go a bit ridiculous, it makes a certain sense to equip complete armor from the same set, since these will reward you with a specific bonus.

There are a total of 60 relics hidden

Surely you have found some relic in your first hunts. There are a total of 60 in the game (right now) and they can be found in a multitude of locations. If you want to get them all, it is best to calmly explore the entire map on foot, including the mountains and higher areas.

Sharpen the weapons

Sharpening weapons in Monster Hunter Rise is a must. Look at the sword bar below your health and stamina to see what the current status of your weapon is. A low level means doing less damage with your attacks and that your attacks bounce sometimes. Whenever you can, use the sharpening stone that all players always carry in inventory.

Customize controls and options

The control template in Monster Hunter Rise is easily customizable, allowing for a ton of variations. Make changes to play more comfortable and remember that there are other options that can come in handy, such as the distance from the camera.

Fix the camera on the monster

Although you cannot fix the camera on the target monster in the same way as in Monster Hunter World, for example, you can activate the option of the camera style that will allow it to always follow the monster once you have fixed it with the stick right.

Credits are a big lie

You may see the end credits of Monster Hunter Rise within hours of completing the first main missions, but there is so much more game waiting for you. In fact, the story continues.

If you are new to adventure we recommend that you take a good look at our Monster Hunter Rise guide for beginner players. Good luck on your journey!