24-year-old daughter lost to family court due to father’s ‘cheating’ in Ludo game, know the whole matter …

Nobody can imagine the loss of Ludo game to affect the relationship between daughter and father, but it has happened in Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh. A distraught and restless 24-year-old young woman reached the family court after an alleged loss from ‘cheating’ in Ludo Game Cheating. Family court counselor Sarita Rajani came across a strange case, it is related to Ludo game. In this game, the 24-year-old daughter loses to her father’s cheating. After this, his distance from his father increases. She seems reluctant to call him father. The girl is so disturbed and restless that she reaches the family court counselor Sarita Rajani for counseling. Also Read – The bride escaped after robbing her husband on the very next day of marriage, found in such condition after nine months

During a discussion with reporters, Sarita Rajani told that a 24-year-old daughter came to her for counseling. The young woman told them that she was playing Ludo with her father and during this time the father kills one of his goti, which surprised him. But there is no wrinkle on the father’s face.

Giving details of what the woman said, Rajani says that the father then kills another goti. The game is over, but respect for the father starts decreasing in the mind of the girl, when she comes in front, she does not feel like calling her father.

Rajani was told by the woman that she also has siblings, but no one is aware that after losing her in Ludo, respect for her father is decreasing. The woman loved her father very much, if Ludo’s defeat has diminished that honor, and whenever the father appears in front of her, she is hesitant to call him father. The young woman has cried many times and says that the father had to lose in this game for her pleasure, because she loves them a lot, but this did not happen.

Family Court Counselor Rajani said that she has had four meetings with that girl and now some positive changes are also taking place in the girl’s perspective. Rajani says that this incident is going to show that there is a rapid change in the society, where we expect too much from any member of our family and it is not fulfilled or lacks, then how is the relationship Reach a state of scattering.

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