25 Of The Best Anime About High School


25 Of The Best Anime About High School:

Like other kinds of entertainment, anime has different types of stories, such as action, romance, as well as science fiction. It’s interesting that a lot of these different types of stories take place in high school.

Why not? After all, teens are the main group of anime fans. It makes sense for people who make movies and TV shows to try to appeal to the people they want to see them. Because so many great youth anime have come out in the last ten years, it was very hard to choose the best anime of all time. We still did our best.

Some high school anime are so cute, funny, and sweet that people who are new to anime can watch them as an introduction. The teens in these cartoons have a lot going on: they have to deal with chores, mean girls, crushes, and sometimes even a group of magical girls as well as robot friends.

Komi Can’t Communicate:

At her high school, Shouko Komi is very well-known, as well as the fact that she doesn’t talk to many people only adds to the rumors that make her even more well-known.

Komi has a speech problem and severe anxiety that make it nearly impossible for her to possess a normal social life, even though she appears perfect to everyone.

Hitohito Tadano, Shouko’s roommate, promises to help her make as many new acquaintances to be he can after hearing about her problems. The funny drama that happens to be the two friends get closer and slowly form an emotional bond is shown in “Komi Can’t Communicate.”

One of the greatest high school shows to watch, the show is great for light fun. This is where you can watch the show.


For Oreki, not being recognized is not important at all. As a student in high school, he attempts to remain to himself, lives a normal, boring life, as well as saves his energy for later years.

When his sister forces him to save the Classic Club, this plan goes totally off the rails. He becomes one of the group’s few members and goes on a series of unplanned, reckless adventures that change Oreki’s mind.

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Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie:

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie was a pretty normal but still cute high school anime show for people who like romantic comedies with not a lot of drama. In this cartoon, Shikimori, the girl with pink hair, is a real force. She is smart, well-liked, sporty, and loves her daily life.

Shikimori loves her patient boyfriend Izumi Yuu the most. He’s just happy to be in the scene at all. Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie is going to look past Shikimori’s perfect exterior and into her real-life flaws, which will make her a more complete character over time.

Sasaki And Miyano:

Yoshikazu Miyano is very moved by Shuumei Sasaki, an upperclassman, when he stands up for a friend who is being picked on. But his feelings quickly change when Sasaki keeps breaking his rules and sometimes even seems to follow Miyano around.

This goes on for a while until one day they start to like each other more because they both like boys’ love manga. The story of “Sasaki and Miyano” is about the connection that the two main characters make after they meet and have some problems.

Fans who want to watch shows alongside same-sex relationships will love this sweet love story. It is possible to watch the cartoon on Funimation.

My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu:

Hikigfaya is a normal loner who doesn’t care much about individuals or events that he thinks are expected of him by society. He doesn’t likes being around other people and spends the majority of his time alone. He has a harsh view of the world and thinks that relationships and affection are made up by egotistical people.

His life is turned upside down, though, when he gets in trouble for writing an offensive essay and is then accepted into the Volunteer Service Club.

It’s too much for Hikigaya to handle all of his new duties and friends, which he didn’t ask for. My Romantic Comedy for Teens Sanfu is a real gem that will amaze a lot of people who like slice-of-life cartoons.

One-Week Friends:

Some people might not think that One-Week Friends is one of the best high schools ever, but it’s still a cute anime with a unique take upon the Dangerous Archetype. Kaori Fujimiya, the main character, is quiet and shy, and every week she forgets all about her friends.

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Kaori provided up on making friends and having a social life, but Yuuki Hase, a male teacher, noticed her and offered to help her get over her strange memory problem. At first, Kaori wasn’t sure, but she quickly became friends with Yuuki and was happy for the first period of years.

My Dress-Up Darling:

Instead of hanging out with other teens his age, Wakana Gojou spends most of his time by himself, learning how to make hina dolls like his grandpa did.

So he doesn’t tell anyone about his hobby because he knows that kids his age are going to make fun of him if they do. Things are going great until the beautiful as well as well-known Marin Kitagawa finds out Wakana’s secret and tells everyone how much she loves costumes.

“My Dress-Up Darling” is mostly about the friendship between the two characters after they learn about each other’s strange interests. Wakana and Marin help each other out, but they also try to keep their growing feelings from other people. This is where you are able to view the show.


On the outside, Hyakkao Private Academy looks like a prestigious school for the country’s smartest and most talented students. But when the doors are closed, there is a whole other world of crime and drug abuse.

There is a lot of gaming among students, which shapes the social order. To move up, some students are willing to risk their freedom.

Yumeko Jabami, a new student who seems innocent at first, upsets the established order when she wants to play against high stakes as well as remove the top brass from power in the school’s debt-filled halls.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible:

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible is a story about Junta Shiraishi, a Dandere who is so plain that everyone around him can’t see him. You can only watch it on HIDIVE. That’s not what Nagisa Kubo wants for Junta. He thought he’d be by himself during high school.

Nagisa Kubo, who was always happy and friendly, became friends with Junta one day and teased him in a way that made him want to stand up for himself as well as let people know he was there.

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Soon, they start a sweet, innocent relationship. But when Kubo has to face how she really feels regarding the world’s most invisible boy, she turns into a shy blade.

Bocchi The Rock:

In “Bocchi the Rock!,” the title character is a strange person who learns to play guitar to deal alongside her feelings. When the outgoing drummer, Nijika Ijichi, asks her to join a band, her life takes a turn she didn’t expect.

Along with Kita, Yamada, and Yamada on bass, Nijika, as well as Bocchi try to discover happiness within their love of music while also balancing their high school lives. You can watch all the shows here.

Silent Voice:

It’s about two kids dealing with the bad things that happened to them in the past, and it’s probably the greatest school anime of all time.

Shōya Ishida isn’t really a bad person, yet he gets caught up in trying to fit in and picks on the freshly arrived deaf transfer student along with his mean friends. He goes too far, though, and makes Shko switch schools, while Shya’s friends reject him cruelly.

Shōya wants to kill himself because he feels ashamed, guilty, and rejected, yet fate has other ideas. The sad young man puts all of his energy into trying to make things right after miraculously meeting Shōko again, but he finds the hard way that actions trump words.

More Than A Married Couple, But Not Lovers:

The plot of the high school cartoon More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers is so crazy that it would make a great love comedy. At one high school, all the boys and girls are instructed to reside together as if they were married. This is done to prepare them for when they become adults and have to deal with real marriage.

Then there are typical high school rom-com antics between the main character, Jiro, and his flashy “wife,” Akari. Akari is more interested within Minami, yet she may also grow to like Jun. There is some light-hearted drama all through the series because the “married” pairs don’t always match up with who has a crush on whom.