25 Of The Best Tamil Movies Upon Netflix


25 Of The Best Tamil Movies Upon Netflix:

A common misunderstanding among movie fans around the world is that Bollywood is the same thing as Indian film. The Indian film business is more of a general term for Hindi movies, movies from other Indian states, and art pictures.

India makes more than 1,500 movies a year in many languages. It is the world’s biggest filmmaking country. Netflix has about 125 million users within 190 countries around the world. It didn’t come to India until January 2016, which was a bit of a late start.

When it happened, both the in-house managers and the non-Indian viewers were confused. India is the second most popular country in the world.

Tamil movies have always been close to everyone’s heart, mostly because of the high quality movies that come out every year. They are one of the most famous and well-known film companies in India. As you can see, Netflix has a lot of great movies to choose from, spanning many styles such as action, drama, and comedies.

Tamil film, also known as Kollywood, is based in Chennai, which is the main city of the Tamil core. It has a large following across the country and among Tamils who live outside of Tamil Nadu in the United States.


A comedy-thriller called “Doctor” was directed through Nelson Dilipkumar. The movie is about Varun, a military doctor who goes on a journey to find Padmini, his fiancée who has been taken.

Varun and his friends use Varun’s smarts as well as medical knowledge to trick the kidnappers as well as save Padmini. In the process, they find out about a bigger criminal plot. Sivakarthikeyan, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Vinay Rai, as well as Yogi Babu all play important parts in the movie.

Avvai Shanmugi:

The 1996 comedy Avvai Shanmugi was directed by K. S. Ravikumar and was a big hit. The movie is about a guy who pretends to be a woman to help his sister with her problems. Kamal Haasan plays the lead part.

The movie is very funny, and Kamal Haasan gives a great performance that is both funny and moving. The movie is a classic of Tamil cinema that is sure to make people laugh with its clever humor, familiar characters, and charming performances.


Kuthiraivaal is a story that doesn’t follow any of the rules of Tamil film. It was produced via Pa. Ranjith and directed through Jason as well as Shyam Sunder.

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The movie is about Saravanan, who works at a bank and is lonely and unhappy. A horsetail grows on his back one morning when he wakes up. Of course, Saravanan is confused, so he sets out on a trip to find out why the tail is growing.

Kuthiraivaal, which was written by G. Rajesh, is bold, vague, and silly. There are a lot of interesting ideas and themes in it. The movie does have some educational asides and treatises, but they don’t always work. Still, it’s interesting to see Tamil movies with crazy imaginations.


Visaranai by Vetrimaaran is a frightening docudrama about police abuse and corruption that hits hard. In the style of popular movies, Vetrimaaran tries to make a true crime story, which isn’t often seen in Tamil movies. This lets him look into the disturbing truths about the law and the justice system, including how they take advantage of innocent people.

Merku Thodarchi Malai:


Merku Thodarchi Malai was a Tamil-language drama movie that came out in India in 2018. A man named Lenin Bharathi made the movie. It is said that Ilaiyaraaja signed his 1001st movie in 2015.

People who don’t own land and live within the foothills of India’s Western Ghats are the focus of the story. It shows how the people’ daily lives get messed up when commercialization comes along.


His name is Nelson Dilipkumar, and “Beast” is a funny action spy movie. Veera Raghavan, a former RAW agent, finds himself within a shopping mall that has been taken over by terrorists. This is the story of the movie.

While attackers take hostages, Veera has to deal with his painful past while employing his abilities and intelligence to rescue the prisoners, including the woman he likes. Thalapathy Vijay, Pooja Hegde, Selvaraghavan, as well as Yogi Babu are all in the ensemble group.

Puriyatha Puthir:

This movie is a love story with Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathri, as well as Mahima Nambiar in the main parts. Additionally, the movie shows how a girl gets back at a guy by killing her friend without meaning to.

This was Ranjith Jeyakodi’s first movie as a director. It had a good story and kept the tension and mood high until the very end. One of Netflix’s best Tamil movies.

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As a writer, Madonne Ashwin has worked on well-reviewed movies like Kurangu Bommai. With Mandela, he makes his directorial debut.

The story is mostly about a barber who doesn’t seem important but whose vote makes all the difference in an election for a local body. The movie holds together thanks to Yogi Babu’s great acting.

Indeed, it’s great to witness Yogi Babu within a part that was so well-written, and the actor pulls it off so well with his skills. If not, he is mostly put in silly comic parts and is made fun of for his body.

A smart script that doesn’t do public service messages within the name of a speech lets Ashwin make a quiet comment about government and family politics. Keep an eye out for Vidhu Ayyanna’s beautiful pictures of the town and Bharath Sankar’s pleasant music.

Orange Mittai:

The plot of Orange Mittai by Biju Viswanath is typical of a road movie about forgiveness. As with most road movies about dads and kids, this one makes you feel a lot.

Thank goodness the theatrics is kept to a minimum, as the story ultimately turns to a realistic look at the bond between a father and son. Scenes also show why it’s easier to act as a dad to someone else’s kid and easier to be a dad to someone else’s kid.


The 2017 Tamil-language mystery Mersal was directed through Atlee, who also wrote the script alongside V. Vijayendra Prasad as well as S. Ramana Girivasan.

The movie has roles for RVijay, Sathyaraj, Vadivelu, Hareesh Peradi, Kajal Aggarwal, Nithya Menen, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, as well as Kovai Sarala.

The story is about two brothers. One is a magician who wants to get revenge for the deaths of his parents and bad medical care, while the other was a famous doctor who charges his patients very little money.


“Annaatthe,” which means “Big Brother” in Tamil, is an action movie about Kaalaiyan, the head of a town who is honest and good.

Even though Kaalaiyan values morals and ethics more than anything else, he is very proud of his position as well as won’t bow down to anyone, which has caused a huge fight with Nattadurai, the rival boss.

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The movie slowly shows how much Kaalaiyan loves his sister Meenatchi, and the boss gets ready for finding her a groom. Meenatchi is supposed to marry Nattadurai’s younger brother, but she falls within love with a classmate and tries to run away.

Despite this, Kaalaiyan gives within to his sister’s requests and keeps things under control. But Meenatchi ends up regretting her choice, and Kaalaiyan decides to do whatever it takes to keep his sister safe.

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal:

Dulquer Salmaan’s 25th movie as an actor is Kannum Kannum Kollaiadithal, which is a romantic comedy. Ritu Varma, Rakshan, as well as Niranjani play important parts in KKK, and the great director Gautham Vasudev Menon also plays a key role.

There are some fun twists and turns in this romance action movie that make it worth seeing. With a few exceptions, I really liked the movie, and I was blown away by how handsome Gautham Vasudev Menon was in it.

Sila Samayangalil:

Priyadarshan’s Netflix movie has heartfelt characters and a sharp look at what it means to be human. The plot is easy to follow. A group of seven angry strangers are waiting for the results of an HIV test.

In Priyadarshan’s work, an annoying climate is used to show how sensitive society is. One of the main characters, a middle-aged man who is upset, is played by Prakash Raj.

Ashok Selvan, Sriya Reddy, MS Bhaskar, Shanmugarajan, as well as Anjali Rao are also in the strong group. Sila Samayangalil doesn’t make things too dramatic like many Tamil movies with social messages do.

It gives us people from all walks of existence who are true to life. There are some problems with the story’s flow. Still, as a whole, it’s an interesting character-driven social thriller.


You will not believe your eyes when you observe how funny director Madhumita Sundararaman makes this movie, which is actually about a terrible southern tradition called “thalaikoothal.” K.D., which stands for Karuppudurai, is a sad and sweet road trip movie about an old man as well as a little boy who become friends even though they shouldn’t.

Game Over:

Game Over, a psychological horror movie by Ashwin Saravanan, came out in India in 2019. In the movie, Taapsee Pannu stars a woman alongside PTSD who is protect her home from attackers she doesn’t know.