Selena Gomez Says That Boys Confuse Standards With High Maintenance


Selena Gomez Says That Boys Confuse Standards With High Maintenance:

If you’ve always wanted to date Selena Gomez, pay attention, because she’s about to tell you what she wants. During an interview on SiriusXM’s “Hits 1 LA,” the pop star talked about how she thinks the opposite sex thinks about dating.

Selena Gomez says that boys today think that having standards is the same thing as being high-maintenance. During an interview with SiriusXM radio to promote her latest single “Single Soon,” Gomez talked about how she feels about dating and what she wants in a partner.

“I think I have standards, but I think I am living in a world at the moment where boys confuse standards alongside being high maintenance,” Gomez, who is 31 years old, said.

The Line “I’m Not Ashamed To Say, I Really Need X, Y, And Z For You To Be Alongside Me” Was Really Funny:

Nodding to the words of her new song “Single Soon,” in which she sings about being “high maintenance,” she continued, “That line proved to be fun because I’m not ashamed to say, “I actually requires X, Y, and Z for you to be with me.”

Man, you have to be cool,” Gomez said when asked what it took to get her to commit. “You’re not cool if people think you’re cool. Just be nice and try to make me laugh, as well as treat my family and the people around you well.”

The star of “Only Murders within the Building” was honest when she said she’s not in a hurry to meet her future boyfriend but is open to dating someone else if it comes her way.

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The Former Disney Channel Star Has Been With Several Famous People In The Past:

The former Disney Channel star has been with well-known people like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, as well as Nick Jonas in the past. But Gomez is happy to be on her own for now.

The singer said, “I think everyone goes through a time when they think, ‘Oh, it would be nice to have someone,’ so I get that.” But right now, her main goal is to be satisfied with herself.

Gomez said, “But you know, I’m content with where I am, so I just want to be satisfied with who I am so that when that person steps into my life, they can just add to me instead of making me feel insecure like I usually did.”

Her Most Recent Song Had Been A Way For Her To Celebrate Being Single:

Her most recent song had been a way for her to celebrate being single, and she said, “It’s essentially my way of telling it’s fine to be single and fun.”

Gomez posted a TikTok video on June 8 in which she yelled at the players, “I’m single. I’m just a little bit hard to please. I’ll love you so much, though. The star wrote in the video’s description, “The struggle, man.”

Fans who liked what Gomez had to say jumped into the comments part below the video to show their support. “I’m identical to her,” wrote one of her fans.

She Also Said That She Is Currently Single And That She Is Ready For An Affair When It Arrives:

Another person agreed alongside the star and said that her words were “so real.” “I’m just a little picky, but you should be too, Selena! someone else joined TikTok.

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She also said that she is currently single and that she is ready for an affair when it arrives. “I think everyone goes through a time when they think, ‘Oh, it’d be great to have someone,’ so I get that.

But, you know, I’m just happy with where I am, and I simply desire to be happy alongside who I am so that when another individual comes into my life, they can just add to me instead of making me feel uncomfortable like I used to.”