Signora Volpe Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know


Signora Volpe Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know

The wait is finally over for fans of the captivating mystery series, Signora Volpe. After the overwhelming success of the first season, the show is set to return with an all-new chapter, Signora Volpe Season 2. Viewers can look forward to diving back into the picturesque Italian town of Panicale, where former British spy Sylvia Fox continues her thrilling adventures.

Signora Volpe has quickly become a beloved addition to the crime drama genre, thanks to its stunning visual backdrop, compelling storylines, and the dynamic performance of lead actress Emilia Fox. With the second season now in the works, fans are eagerly anticipating the new challenges and surprises that await Sylvia as she navigates the complexities of her newfound life in Italy. The series’ creators, Rachel Cuperman and Sally Griffiths, have promised that Season 2 will delve deeper into Sylvia’s past and present, offering audiences an even more captivating and immersive experience.

Signora Volpe Season 2 Release Date:

Signora Volpe fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the show’s return, and the wait is finally over. In June 2023, AMC Networks’ Acorn TV officially renewed the series for a second season, much to the delight of its devoted viewers.

While an exact release date has not yet been announced, industry reports suggest that Signora Volpe Season 2 is expected to premiere in the spring of 2024. This timing aligns with the production schedule, as filming for the new episodes is currently underway in the Lazio and Umbria regions of Italy. Fans can look forward to a continuation of the series’ signature blend of mystery, drama, and stunning Italian scenery as Sylvia Fox continues her sleuthing adventures in the picturesque town of Panicale.

Signora Volpe Series Storyline Overview:

At the heart of Signora Volpe is the captivating story of Sylvia Fox, a former high-ranking British spy who, disillusioned with her life in London, decides to start anew in the charming Italian town of Panicale. Played by the talented Emilia Fox, Sylvia is a multilingual, highly skilled operative who finds it difficult to leave her past behind, even as she tries to embrace a quieter, more peaceful existence.


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In the first season, a series of local mysteries and crimes quickly derail Sylvia’s plans for a fresh start, prompting her to use her unique skill set to solve them. From the disappearance of a young woman decades earlier to a blackmail plot involving the son of a Russian politician, Sylvia finds herself drawn back into the world of intrigue and danger that she had hoped to leave behind.

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As Sylvia navigates her new life in Italy, she also grapples with her strained relationship with her sister, Isabel, played by Tara Fitzgerald. The sisters’ rekindling of their bond is a central theme throughout the series, adding depth and emotional resonance to Sylvia’s journey. With her ex-husband, Adam (Jamie Bamber), still a part of her life, Sylvia’s personal and professional lives become increasingly intertwined, creating a web of complex relationships and challenges that she must navigate.

Signora Volpe Season 2: Expected Storyline:

In Signora Volpe Season 2, fans can expect to see Sylvia Fox’s life in Panicale deepen and evolve. After a year of living in the picturesque town, it seems that Sylvia has truly embraced the Italian way of life, much to the surprise of her sister Isabel. Rather than her usual nomadic tendencies, Sylvia has settled into the community, focusing on restoring a beautiful but dilapidated old house in the hills.

However, the creators have revealed that Sylvia’s unique skillset and knack for solving mysteries remain undiminished, as old habits persist. The new season will see her investigating a murder and blackmail case involving prominent members of the Panicale community, as well as going undercover at a dangerous house party on the shores of Lake Trasimeno. Sylvia’s developing relationship with the handsome Carabinieri Captain Giovanni Riva (Giovanni Cirfiera) will also continue to be a central focus, with Riva both frustrated and grateful for Sylvia’s unconventional involvement in his investigations.

Perhaps most intriguingly, Sylvia will also encounter an old foe seeking revenge, leading to a thrilling race against time to save her life. With her family and Captain Riva working to protect her, this storyline promises to add a high-stakes, personal element to the season, deepening the audience’s connection to Sylvia and her world. Fans can look forward to a captivating blend of mystery, drama, and personal stakes as Signora Volpe’s second season unfolds.

Provide the list of cast members of Signora Volpe Series.

The Signora Volpe series features the following main cast members:

  • Emilia Fox as Sylvia Fox
  • Tara Fitzgerald as Isabel Vitale
  • Giovanni Cirfiera as Capitano Riva
  • Matteo Carlomagno as Matteo Vitale
  • Imma Piro as Antonella Vitale
  • Marianne Leoni as Raffaela Tasso
  • Mehdi Meskar as Samir Hamdani
  • Jamie Bamber as Adam Haines

In addition to the core cast, Signora Volpe Season 2 will feature guest appearances from actors like Nicholas Farrell, who will appear in two episodes.

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Signora Volpe Season 2 list of Episode:

As the season is currently in production, the official release of the episode list for Signora Volpe Season 2 has not yet occurred. However, based on the information available, we can expect the second season to follow the same format as the first, consisting of three 90-minute episodes.

Production is likely to release more details about the episode titles and plot points of Signora Volpe Season 2. Fans should stay tuned for updates from the show’s producers and the official Acorn TV channels. Here we are sharing the episode list for the previous season.

  • Episode No. 1: “An Anxious Aunt”
  • Episode No. 2: “Secrets & Sacrifices”
  • Episode No. 3: “Truffles & Treachery”

Signora Volpe Series Makers Team:

The creative team behind the success of Signora Volpe is a talented and experienced group of writers, producers, and directors. Rachel Cuperman and Sally Griffiths, who previously collaborated on the hit crime drama Midsomer Murders, created the series.

Cuperman and Griffiths serve as executive producers on Signora Volpe, alongside Emilia Fox, Marc Samuelson, and Josie Law for the production company Route 24. Catherine Mackin and Bea Tammer co-produce the series for Acorn Media Enterprises, which holds exclusive distribution rights in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America.

In addition to the executive producers, the Signora Volpe team includes experienced director Declan Recks, who has helmed episodes of the series, as well as Bindu de Stoppani, who joins as a director for the second season. Candida Julian-Jones is the producer, bringing her expertise to managing the complex production logistics of the show’s Italian locations. The series also benefits from the support of Cristina Giubbetti and Cattleya, the Italian production services company that provides essential local knowledge and resources, also contribute to the series.

With this talented and experienced creative team at the helm, Signora Volpe has consistently delivered captivating storytelling, stunning visuals, and a compelling exploration of its protagonist’s journey. As the series moves into its second season, fans can expect the same level of quality and attention to detail that has made Signora Volpe a standout in the crime drama genre.

Where to Watch Signora Volpe Season 2?

Fans of Signora Volpe will be delighted to know that the series, including the upcoming second season, is exclusively available on Acorn TV. As the primary distributor of the show, Acorn TV holds the rights to stream Signora Volpe in various territories, including North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America.

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For viewers in these regions, accessing Signora Volpe Season 2 will be a straightforward process. You can stream the series directly through the Acorn TV platform, available as a standalone subscription service or as an add-on to existing platforms like Amazon Prime Video. Acorn TV offers a range of subscription plans to cater to different viewer preferences, ensuring that fans can easily find and watch the latest episodes of Signora Volpe as soon as they become available.

Signora Volpe Season 2 Trailer

Signora Volpe fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of a trailer for the show’s second season, and their patience has paid off. In recent months, Acorn TV has unveiled the first official trailer for Signora Volpe Season 2, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the new adventures that await Sylvia Fox.

The trailer showcases Sylvia’s continued immersion in the charming town of Panicale as she delves into a new set of mysteries and challenges. Viewers can expect to see Sylvia’s relationship with Captain Riva deepen, as well as the introduction of new characters and storylines that will test her skills and push her to the limit. The trailer’s stunning cinematography and glimpses of the picturesque Italian scenery only serve to heighten the anticipation for the season’s premiere, leaving fans eager to see how Sylvia’s journey will unfold.

Signora Volpe Season 2 Final Words:

As Signora Volpe Season 2 approaches its highly anticipated premiere, fans of the series have much to look forward to. The creative team behind the show has promised to deliver an even more captivating and immersive experience, building upon the success of the first season. With Sylvia Fox continuing her sleuthing adventures in the charming town of Panicale, viewers can expect a thrilling blend of mystery, personal drama, and stunning Italian backdrops.

The return of Emilia Fox in the lead role, along with the supporting cast’s talented performances, will undoubtedly be a highlight of the new season. Signora Volpe has carved out a unique niche in the crime drama genre, offering a refreshing and sophisticated take on the classic whodunit. As Sylvia navigates the complexities of her past, her present, and her relationships, the series promises to delve deeper into the character’s emotional journey, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the unfolding of the next chapter in this captivating story.