3 Advancements in Law Enforcement Technology That Are Reshaping Police Departments


Did you know that in 2019 there were more than 1.2 million violent crimes in the USA? We have greater freedom and live in a more connected world than ever before. However, this does give opportunities to criminals who want to get easy money and are willing to commit a crime to do so.

In response to changing world conditions, the police are adopting the latest law enforcement technology. What are they using? How effective could it be? Why not read on to find out more.

  1. High-Level Surveillance

In order to track the progress of criminal pursuits or civil unrest that has crossed the line into illegal activity, police are adopting the use of high-level surveillance. They do this in two ways.

They are deploying the use of high-level masts that they can use for communications and surveillance. By posting cameras on these masts, they can monitor a large number of people in a small space or a single criminal as they flee across a neighborhood. Why not check out more uses of high-level masts.

In other locations, the police need a mobile surveillance response. they are deploying drones. These are used to gain vantage points for search and rescue operations and crowd monitoring.

  1. AI Technology

As technologies, including IoT devices, become more connected, the data that these devices accrue is becoming more and more valuable. This is especially true in the care of law enforcement technology.

AI is able to sift through this data and recognize patterns in a far faster manner than humans could. This means that crime mapping and facial recognition are not only the stuff of comic books anymore.

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The much-touted ShotSpotter Technology is a prime example of technology that gains important data from a crime scene and feeds it back into a central database for AI to translate into meaningful information.

  1. Smarter Cruisers

A vast amount of information is gathered by officers who cruise through neighborhoods observing and documenting the behavior of criminals who feel that they are unseen. However, this has taken on greater meaning in 2020.

Technological innovations such as network-connected laptops, tablets, and real-time database access are providing more information to cruising police officers than ever before.

The cars themselves are proving greater protection to officers, as armor-piercing bulletproof shielding is applied to vehicles. In addition to this, it is expected that these cruisers will become driverless in the next few years.

The Latest Developments in Law Enforcement Technology and Much More

From CSI to Batman, people have always been interested in how they can use technology to outsmart criminals and lower crime rates. These examples of law enforcement technology show that the government is more interested than ever in making the streets a safer place.

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