3 Surprising Ways Event Surveys Can Boost Your Lead Generation


Approximately 10% of the revenue a business generates annually will be invested in marketing. Informing the general public about your products/services will require the use of many tools. One of the best ways to get up close and personal with potential customers is by attending local events or hosting your own.

Using event surveys is also a great way to find out more about your target demographic. If people have a good time at your event, they should have no problem filling out one of these surveys. The more data you can collect from consumers, the easier it will be to have success with your marketing campaigns.

Collecting data from event surveys can help boost lead generation. Below is some information on why using event surveys is wise.

  1. Easily Identify Potential Areas of Growth

Putting together a survey for attendees of an event to fill out will take time. You need to make sure the questions on this survey can capture the information you need. For instance, if you are trying to expand into new markets, ask event attendees for feedback on where they want to see your product/service go.

Identifying potential areas of growth can help you become more profitable. Getting ideas for ways to expand or grow from interested consumers is vital when trying to avoid mistakes. Using this type of data rather than a “gut feeling” can help you get a better return on your business expansion efforts.

Collecting information from event attendees will be much easier with the help of technology. Using a Digital survey app is a great way to engage with consumers and collect their information.

  1. Improve Customer Service
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Many of the people who attend an event sponsored by your company will already be customers. While it is important to gather information from potential clients, you also need to focus on engaging with existing customers. Getting an idea of how well you and your team are handling customer service is important.

If there are any mistakes being made regarding how well your customers are being serviced, you need to know about them. If you receive the same complaints from these surveys, you need to work hard to address these grievances. Ignoring the need for changes in your customer service department can lead to loyal clients leaving.

Companies with high customer turnover rates are usually less profitable. Instead of losing money, you need to work on solving customer service problems immediately.

  1. Optimizing Your Existing Marketing Efforts

If you are like most business owners, you spend a lot of money and time on marketing your products/services online. Improving the return on these marketing investments is only possible with feedback from your audience. Getting information regarding how recognizable your brand is and whether or not event attendees follow you online is important.

If attendees are having problems finding your brand online, you need to work on sharing posts with your website links in them. Driving traffic from your social media pages to your website can help you improve sales numbers substantially.

Put Event Surveys to Work

As you can see, event surveys can provide you with lots of useful information. Putting this information to good use can help you grow your business.

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