30 food and drink questions for your home pub quiz


Throughout lockdown, individuals are resorting to a number of actions – with home baking, brewing and quizzes all on the rise. So why not take a look at your associates subsequent time you’re on Home Social gathering, Google Hangouts, Zoom or Messenger – everybody loves food and drink!

RadioTimes.com has your again subsequent time you host a web-based gathering – learn on for 20 questions on food and drink! Solutions are offered beneath – no peeking…

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Prepared, regular, quiz…


  1. What’s James Bond’s favorite tipple?
  2. What’s the most consumed manufactured drink on this planet?
  3. What sort of pasta has a reputation which means “little worms”?
  4. What sort of pastry are profiteroles made out of?
  5. From which sort of flower does a vanilla pod come?
  6. Which nuts are utilized in marzipan?
  7. Which bakery launched a sell-out vegan sausage roll in January 2019?
  8. What sort of food is Pumpernickel?
  9. What’s the finest promoting flavour of soup within the UK?
  10. Calamari is a dish constituted of which animal?
  11. Which foul-mouthed chef hosted the Kitchen Nightmares sequence?
  12. Which bread ingredient causes it to rise?
  13. Aduki, borlotti and cannellini are varieties of what?
  14. What’s the costliest spice on this planet by weight?
  15. What spirit is combined with ginger beer in a Moscow mule?
  16. What 12 months did the primary McDonald’s retailer open?
  17. What are the true names of the Bushy Bikers?
  18. Which pungent plant has its personal pageant held on the Isle of Wight yearly?
  19. What number of energy does a glass of water include?
  20. Who’s changing Sandi Toksvig as host of The Nice British Bake Off for the 2020 sequence?
  21. Grenadine is obtained from which fruit?
  22. Gluten is discovered by which cereal grain?
  23. Which fast-food franchise has the biggest variety of eating places on this planet?
  24. What French metropolis does bouillabaisse originate from?
  25. What sort of wheat is used to make pasta?
  26. What’s the British identify for a zucchini?
  27. Through which nation will you discover wine-growing area the Yarra Valley?
  28. What number of bottles of champagne are there in a magnum?
  29. Deer meat is thought by what identify?
  30. Bacardi is what sort of spirit?


  1. Vodka Martini – shaken not stirred
  2. Tea
  3. Vermicelli
  4. Choux
  5. Orchid
  6. Almonds
  7. Greggs
  8. Bread
  9. Tomato
  10. Squid
  11. Gordon Ramsay
  12. Yeast
  13. Beans
  14. Saffron
  15. Vodka
  16. 1940
  17. Dave Myers and Si King
  18. Garlic
  19. Zero
  20. Matt Lucas
  21. Pomegranate
  22. Wheat
  23. Subway
  24. Marseille
  25. Durum
  26. Courgette
  27. Australia
  28. Two
  29. Venison
  30. White Rum


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