31 free courses you can sign up for in October to learn a new skill without paying anything


The year advances Autumn has already arrived and it makes you want to stay at home more and more when we have free time. Have you thought about spending that time learning any new skills? If the answer is yes, cheer up, The Internet is full of training resources of high quality and on any topic that comes to mind…

…so today we bring you a small selection in case you find something of interest to you. All courses can be studied for free, and most of them are available in Spanish (either as the main language or as subtitles). Similarly, most are made by prestigious educational institutions or by leading companies in their sector.

Important: All courses are free in their most basic forms, so you only need to register an account on the corresponding platform (in some cases, not even that) to gain access to the resources. However, if you are looking for certifications and/or evaluations, you will most often have to resort to paid options.

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  • Algorithmic Thinking (Part 1): Course developed by Rice University. Designed to start training our ‘computational thinking’, tackling programming problems even before immersing ourselves in a specific language. With Spanish subtitles.

  • PY4E / Python for everyone: A comprehensive and popular online course that covers everything from installing Python and getting started with the language to object-oriented programming and using databases. Available only in English: if you want a certificate and subtitles in Spanish, you can also find it on Coursera, divided into five different courses developed by the Univ. of Michigan.

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  • Mobile App Development Course: Course developed by the Univ. Computense in collaboration with Google, introductory to the world of mobile app development (for Android and iOS), the latest modules address topics such as augmented reality and the marketing of apps in stores . Entirely in Spanish.

  • Kotlin for Java Developers: Course developed by the company JetBrains, creators of the IntelliJ IDE and the Kotlin language, to introduce us precisely to the use of the latter; aimed at users with prior notions of Java programming for Android. With Spanish subtitles.

  • Open Source Software Development: Linux for Developers: Course developed by the Linux Foundation, which introduces us to the key concepts to start developing software for the GNU/Linux operating system. Available only in English.

  • Fundamentals of C++: Course developed by IBM that allows us to immerse ourselves in a powerful, versatile and fundamental programming language even today in computing environments, despite the rise of the mighty C# and Rust. Available only in English.

  • Full Stack Open 2022: ‘open source’ course that offers us the possibility to learn “React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, GraphQL and TypeScript in one go! This course will introduce you to modern web development based on JavaScript. The approach The main thing is to create single-page applications with ReactJS that use REST APIs built with Node.js.” Available entirely in Spanish.

  • Introduction to video game development with Unity: Course developed by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, recommended to introduce aspiring video game creators to the world of today’s main ditto engine: Unity. Available entirely in Spanish.

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Cybersecurity and Systems Administration

  • Description of the basic concepts of cybersecurity: Course developed by Microsoft on its own platform. This compilation of microcourses allows us to fully enter into all the basic aspects of cybersecurity.

  • Protect your Business: Cybersecurity in Telecommuting: Developed by INCIBE in collaboration with Google, this short course will help us create a safer environment for remote workers and their employers. Entirely in Spanish.

  • Linux Server Management and Security: Course developed by the University of Colorado, which introduces us to the tasks of managing and securing a Linux server in business environments. Spanish subtitles available.

  • WordPress with Docker: Great Learning platform course that will allow us to learn how to deploy a WordPress instance in a Docker container. And for this, it will show us how to install and configure both technologies (two contents for the non-price of one!).

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Design / Multimedia

  • Basics of user experience design: Course developed by Google; the first of a series of 7 courses that will introduce us to the field of user experience design, key when developing interfaces (web, mobile or desktop). Entirely in Spanish.

  • Introduction to Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality: Course developed by the University of Lancaster that introduces us to the field of what has come to be called ‘extended reality’ (virtual + augmented + mixed). Available only in English.

  • Video editing and post-production with DaVinci Resolve: Course developed by Carlos III University; One of the best video editors today has a free mode, and this course helps us learn to ‘take advantage of it’. Entirely in Spanish.

  • The DIY Musician: Course developed by Berklee College of Music in which we are encouraged to learn to write, record and produce our own music; and to prepare to launch our musical career. Spanish subtitles available.

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Artificial intelligence

  • Artificial Creativity: Course developed by The New School Parsons to allow us to address the rise of new ‘creative’ artificial intelligences (such as DALL-E 2 or Stable Diffusion) from the perspective of the designer. Only available in English.

  • Intensive course on machine learning with TensorFlow APIs: Course developed by Google to introduce us in a “quick and practical” way to the fundamental concepts of machine learning. Entirely in Spanish.

  • Practical Deep Learning for Coders: Reputed course developed by Fast.ai for people with some prior programming experience “who want to learn how to apply deep learning to practical problems.” Available only in English.

math and engineering

  • Technical drawing for access to engineering degrees: Course developed by the UNED. Have you just started an engineering degree these days and feel like you need to brush up on technical drawing? Well, nothing, this ‘zero course’ that covers the technical drawing syllabus for Baccalaureate will be useful to you. Available entirely in Spanish.

  • Introduction to Calculus: Course developed by Wolfram, the company that created Mathematica, which provides us with a complete introduction to calculus (functions, differential calculus, integral calculus…) while introducing us to the Wolfram language and the Wolfram Cloud tools. Available only in English.

  • Introduction to Probability: Harvard University course that introduces us to the world of probability and statistics, fundamental fields of knowledge today when facing data analysis, artificial intelligence, finance… Available only in English.

  • Design, manufacture and program your own robot: Course developed by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, with which they propose us to learn to design, manufacture and program our own robot with Arduino and get started in the ‘maker’ world.

Industry 4.0

  • Nanogrado Construction 4.0: Course developed by Telefónica and the CEOE, which offers 220 hours of training in digital marketing, web analytics, project management, IoT and big data, all aimed at digitizing one of the least digitized productive sectors, that of the building. Entirely in Spanish.

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  • Basic Chinese: How to Make a Positive First Impression: Course developed by the University of Arizona. It serves as a basic introduction to the Mandarin language and is the first step in a five-course itinerary. Entirely in Spanish.

  • Basic English: conversational and networking: Course developed by the Anáhuac University Network, to help us strengthen our understanding of English in those situations in which we do not finish managing well. Available entirely in Spanish.

  • Esperanto in 12 lessons: An ‘open source’ course on the Esperanto language that promises to teach us the 500 most important words of the language, with grammar explanations and exercises. Entirely in Spanish.


  • The language of maps: Course developed by the Autonomous University of Madrid. “This MOOC tries to answer the question why maps are in fashion.” Its history, symbols and uses from Antiquity to Google Maps. Entirely in Spanish.

  • Introduction to classical Greek: language, names and mythology: Course developed by the Autonomous University of Madrid. First of a series of three courses to learn classical Greek through mythology, philosophy and history. Entirely in Spanish.


  • Protection of personal data and consumption: Course developed by the ADICAE consumer association, which will serve as a basic introduction to a field of law with increasing weight in our digital society. Entirely in Spanish.

  • Recruitment and digital market. Legal aspects and other issues of interest: Course developed by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. “Have you ever wondered if there are rules on the Internet? Have you considered how conflicts that may arise between people when they interact in the digital market can be resolved?” Entirely in Spanish.


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