365 Days Part 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


365 Days Part 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Since it came out in 2020, 365 Days, an erotica show on Netflix, has been a big sensation. The third part of the movie was released in August 2022 and has been watched 39.31 million hours on Netflix. Fans can’t stop wondering about how it will conclude.

The movies have been based on Blanka Lipiska’s novels, although she hasn’t written a fourth one yet.

But that’s not too bad, since the movies have departed a lot from the book, so there’s a strong possibility there will be a fourth one.

So yet, nothing has yet been confirmed, however here’s what we know about a possible fourth episode.

Netflix hasn’t said anything about 365 Days 4, but because The Next 365 Days was another smash for the site, it’s probable that another movie may be made.

In its first four days on Netflix, the threequel was watched 39.31 million hours. Fans have not been able to stop guessing about Laura & Massimo’s relationship since The Next 365 Days ended with a vague conclusion.

The movies were based on Blanka Lipiska’s writings, and she hasn’t written a fourth book yet.

But because the movies have changed a lot from the novels in the series, there’s still a potential that there may be a fourth one.

As for August 24, there has been no confirmation of 365 Days 4, but don’t give up hope just yet. So, here’s all you need know about a possible fourth 365 Days film.

Even though the third movie of the 365 Days series just came out on Netflix, fans are already asking for another one because of how it ended.

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As with the preceding two movies in the series, The Next 365 Days gets its name from a book by Polish writer Blanka Lipiska.

However, the sequel strays quite a bit from the book to portray the troubled love story of Laura and Massimo.

Since the streamer hasn’t confirmed a fourth episode and Lipiska’s original book series, which Netflix has since transformed into a show, only had three volumes, the franchise’s future is still questionable.

365 Days Part 4 Release Date

We lack a confirmed date yet, as we’ve previously indicated. Both of the subsequent movies were shot right after each other, which explains why they came out so soon together.

We are unaware whether an additional movie was actually made behind the scenes, but it’s possible that it hasn’t. Between 365 Days and 365 Days: This Day, there were two years.

This implies that we won’t receive a movie every day until 2024. Netflix usually keeps going with series and movies that do well, and this franchise started off to a strong start. We truly hope that positive things will happen shortly.

365 Days Part 4 Cast

  • Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura Biel
  • Michele Morrone as Don Massimo Torricelli
  • Simone Susinna as Nacho
  • Magdalena Lamparska as Olga
  • Otar Saralidze as Domenico
  • Ewa Kasprzyk as Klara Biel
  • Dariusz Jakubowski as Tomasz Biel
  • Ramón Langa as Don Fernando Matos
  • Tomasz Mandes as Tommaso
  • Natalia Siwiec as Emily
  • Karolina Pisarek as Amelia

365 Days Part 4 Trailer

365 Days Part 4 Plot

Massimo goes to the cemetery of Adriano, his twin brother who was slain in the last movie. He then looks at Laura, who was hurt by Adriano but is doing well.

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Even though the doctor said she shouldn’t have any sexual contact until she’s healed, sexually impatient Laura seduces Massimo at one of his company meetings.

Later, as Laura is hanging out with her closest friend Olga, she thinks about how lucky she was to be alive and asks what she ought to do with this second opportunity.

Then, Nacho calls her and tells her he’s sorry for lying about her and that he can’t stop contemplating her.

Laura turns him down, but she tells Olga that she is grappling with her strong feelings for Massimo’s opponent, even if she is married.

The friends visit a bar to relax. Later, Laura meets a man named Massimo, and after they see a private strip show, they have sex.

Massimo, on the other hand, is still bothered by the time Laura ran away with Nacho on a private island, and he still thinks she cheated on him. He is additionally still furious that she didn’t tell him she was pregnant.

Laura is worried that her marriage could break apart, so she works on her fashion profession and is a brand ambassador to keep herself occupied.

She and Olga have been invited to attend a fashion expo, so they go to Portugal, were Nacho is staying to participate in a surfing competition.

Laura tries to stay away from him, but she can’t stop having sexually charged nightmares about him. Eventually, they meet at a club wherein the runway show is being held.

After Laura kisses him, they have intercourse on the beach. Nacho says that he spared Massimo’s life since he knew Laura adored him.

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He also admits that he loves Laura, but he will wait för her to come to him on her own terms.

When Laura goes back to her hotel, Massimo confronts her about what she did. Laura threatens to get a divorce and asks for distance, so Massimo gives it to her.

Laura goes back to Poland to see her parents, but she doesn’t know who she’s really in love with.

Her mother points out that she is approaching 30 and that it has been about a year before she met Massimo. She tells her daughter to put her own pleasure first.

Laura subsequently has a dream that she and one of the two males are in a band together. She receives a phone call from Olga, who tells her afraid Massimo knows about her romance with Nacho, that Olga is afraid that Massimo would kill her.

Laura makes up her mind that she has to go back to Sicily to see Massimo. When she gets there, she finds out that Nacho has been pretending to be her driver.