4 High Impact Local Advertising Ideas and Strategies You’ve Got to Try


Looking to shake up your usual promotional strategy? Try one of the local advertising ideas and strategies outlined in this post and create a major impact!

Are you trying to find new ways to promote your business?

Running a business, whether small or large, is an all-encompassing job. When you include the day-to-day operations, managing your team, and everything else that being a boss entails, it can be easy to lose track of your marketing strategies.

Marketing is as or more important than any other aspect of a small business. If you aren’t appealing to new customers all the time, then it’ll fizzle out and none of the other stuff will matter.

Today, we’re going to give you 4 incredible local advertising strategies and tips that you can use to make a huge positive impact on your company.

  1. Social Media Ads

Social media is where you can find pretty much your entire customer base in this day and age. No matter what kind of business you run or where you’re located, there’s value in using social media as a local marketing tool.

Paying for Facebook ads can be really helpful in directing potential customers to your page, but you can do a lot on your own for no cost as well. Building and promoting your brand on social media is what sets successful companies apart from the crowd. Neglecting it altogether can be highly damaging to a small business.

  1. Taking It Offline

When you’re operating locally, you don’t have to solely rely on the online methods for advertising your business. There are still companies out there, like Clear Channel Outdoor, that specialize in this kind of advertising.

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Digital billboards, posters, and bulletins are proven methods for attracting customers and when well-placed, can make your company instantly recognizable to local residents.

  1. Local SEO

Local SEO is kind of like the billboard of the internet. If you master it, you’ll end up first on any Google search that pertains to your company and get ahead of your direct competitors.

The goal with local SEO is to show up on searches with “near me” or a city name in the title. For example, if you run an auto shop and someone breaks down in your area, they’ll search “auto repair near me” and hopefully, be directed to your site.

As you might imagine, a lot goes into how these results are displayed. You need to do things like fill out your Google My Business page, make sure that you’ve got lots of listings and backlinks, and create locally-minded content to boost your local SEO.

  1. Creating Content

Like with social media and SEO, creating informative and engaging content can boost your online profile, but it can also help you locally. Part of appealing to a local audience is creating content that they can identify with, so whether you’re making instructional videos or blog posts, give them a local spin.

Watch Your Local Advertising Pay Off

Use these local advertising strategies to your advantage and you’ll see them pay off in a big way. The more time and resources you put towards marketing, both locally and elsewhere, the more you can grow and continue to appeal to a broader customer base.

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