4 mind-blowing sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix this weekend


The weekend is just around the corner and you may not want to go through the process of going through all the titles available on the streaming platforms you have access to. I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes wastes so much time doing that that I end up not seeing anything. It is you who may be interested in taking a look at these four mind-blowing sci-fi movies available on Netflix what are we going to do next:

’12 monos’ (’12 Monkeys’)

12 monkeys poster

There have been many films about time travel over the years, but if I had to choose only one film in which time travel is an essential part of the plot, my choice would be this sensational film of Terry Gilliam starring a Bruce Willis offering a very different interpretation than usual in him.

A very free adaptation of the acclaimed short film ‘La Jetée’ -you can see it on Filmin-, ’12 monkeys’ is a film in which everything shines, from the designs of that devastated future in which the story begins to how it plunges us into the psychiatric hospital in which we find a Brad Pitt that it was here where he ended up clearing any doubt we might have about his acting talent. Of course, do not expect a film in which optimism reigns, since here the feeling prevails that so much effort seems to be doomed to be in vain.

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‘Annihilation’ (‘Annihilation’)

Annihilation Poster

Alex Garland He had shown his talent as a screenwriter several times before also trying his hand at directing with an excellent film that is currently not included in any streaming platform. What you can find on Netflix is ​​his second feature film, a great work with which I think it even surpassed its predecessor.

In addition, Garland managed to get away with it here, because Paramount wanted to give it a more commercial approach, which caused it to be said that it was “too intellectual“And the truth is that it is a film that does not make it easy for the viewer and prefers to provoke anguish, but it knows very well what it wants to convey with this strange mission carried out by a group of scientists led by Natalie Portman.

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‘The arrival’ (‘Arrival’)

arrival poster

The culminating work of the career of Denis Villeneuve to date, in which he was able to exhibit all his talent for the construction of visually attractive universes without being totally subordinated to a previous work with so many followers that he ends up being subjected to it to a greater or lesser extent.

Led with a firm hand by a Amy Adams that knows when to show its most fragile side but also when to take charge, ‘The Arrival’ is an exceptional work of science fiction that perfectly balances the most human side of the story with its purely visual component. All this to tell us a story about communication that catches you with its ambition conquers you through emotion.

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One of the great surprises that science fiction gave us in the past decade was this adaptation of the story of Robert A. Heinlein with which the Spierig brothers they discovered us Sarah Snook, a wonderful Australian actress who we can currently see playing Shix in the essential series ‘Succession’.

Personally, I would recommend you watch it without knowing the slightest bit about its plot, since it is a film that knows very well how to surprise you by taking the concept of time travel to extremes never seen before on the big screen. A brave and brilliant leap into the void in which the interpretation of Ethan Hawke.

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