40 indie games yet to come


After an exciting year of indie games, the future looks just as promising. We’ve put together a list of the 40 indie games we’re looking forward to the most for 2022 and beyond. What are the ones you look forward to the most?

With Inscryption, The Forgotten City, Loop Hero, Unpacking… 2021 has been a year of incredible indie games. But it does not end here and, at the end of the year, we can only look to the future to see what the new independent studios are preparing, bringing innovation and craftsmanship back to our environment.

This year we have opted for a long list of games that will cover a good part of 2022, but also most likely the years to come, as independent studios don’t always provide specific release dates. Completely understandable, since they handle a smaller number of workers and developments tend to take longer.

These are the 40 indie games we look forward to the most, but the truth is that the list could have been lengthened much more, since the number of games already announced and that continue to be revealed every month is impressive. So do not be shy and contribute in the comments those games that you most expect to create an even bigger list. Let’s go there!

The game from Dino Patti, co-founder of PlayDead and creator of Limbo, is one of the most anticipated titles. His mix of adventure and science fiction in the face of a catastrophe that separates us from our family is one of the narrative experiences that have caused the most attention.

Tunic was presented a long time ago, but it seems that everything is finally ready for its launch in 2022. This isometric adventure seeks to offer a visual and game style that is irretrievably reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda, in its mix of puzzles, action and exploration.

If Tunic is reminiscent of a classic Zelda, Tchia dares to look at what made Breath of the Wild so special. Open world, climbing mechanics, navigation, physics and the ability to control animals and objects in an environment inspired by the island of New Caledonia.

Annapurna has opted for this curious game in which we control a stray cat with which we will solve a mystery in a cyberpunk city. All in a very realistic environment and with very successful animations for our feline protagonist.

After its early access, we hope to see the final version of the second installment of Darkest Dungeon soon. When we tested it, it was clear to us that, far from settling with expanding the original, it seeks to reconvert and flee from the sequel to use.

This isometric survival and crafting game was just released in Early Access and it looks great. We must build, farm and fight to build a safe home on a mysterious island full of secrets and dangers.

DotEmu is making a name for himself by making sequels to video game classics and now it’s the turn of Windjammers 2, which aims to expand on the original disc launch mechanics of the Data East classic that he fell in love with in the arcades of the 90s.

If you like Divinity Original Sin, you may be attracted to the proposal of Wartales, an open-world role-playing game with turn-based tactical combat in a medieval universe with full freedom of action, missions and recruitment of companions. It just came out in Early Access and is already gaining a lot of fame.

Archangel Studios surprised with this large-scale soulslike and with an ambitious technical section that confronts us with countless enemies and also with powerful final bosses. There is no doubt that it enters through the eyes and we can only hope that once at the controls it will be just as striking.

Let’s hope that 2022 is the year that Bushiden finally sees the light of day. This pixel art ninja game, with some reminiscences of the classic Strider, conquers with its excellent visual style and highly successful animations.

Sea of ​​Stars is a JRPG that won the hearts of fans of the genre with its inspiration from the classic Chrono Trigger. In fact, even the composer of its classic soundtrack, Yasunori Mitsuda, repeats his role in this game that promises a moving story with a very attractive visual style and combat in the same vein as Square-Enix’s JRPG. Around here we already participate in their Kickstarter of emotion.

Putting the word Souls in any way is getting out of hand, but the truth is that Souldiers does not hide his inspiration in the saga, mixing its mechanics with a metroidvania structure, pixel art graphics and many platforms with puzzles. A very complete mix for an attractive game to take into account.

There’s no question of the inspiration behind The Last Faith. Its pixel art style is irredeemably reminiscent of Blasphemous while its aesthetics make it of Bloodborne. For many, these names are enough to burn it into our memory.

This 2D action and platform game looks really spectacular with animations that remind us of Wayforward in its best form. It promises to be very intense in the fighting, but not for that neglect a story full of dialogues and characters with whom to interact.

It was taken by surprise when it was announced, but it was immediately convinced. The Metal Slug formula fits like a glove to a Tactics with randomly generated scenarios and its careful styling that mimics Neo Geo classics makes it even more attractive.

What else can we say about Sifu that hasn’t already been said? Intense combat, realistic physics, a system that makes us age with every attempt. Now we just have to wait until February to be able to test its final version and enjoy this great martial arts simulation.

Rafael Colantonio’s first work outside of Arkane is this isometric RPG that, as the name suggests, is set in a strange Wild West. We await the identity of its author: immersive sim with freedom of action and decision.

More and more fighting games are aiming at a realistic simulation of their physics and those of Midnight Fight Express are undoubtedly the most successful. Me against the isometric neighborhood full of furniture to stamp in the faces of the many enemies we will face.

Its visual style strongly reminds us of a Castlevania Circle of the Moon enriched in a wide action-adventure RPG with a bird’s eye view, with highly stylized animations and frenzied battles against demonic creatures. Its authors promise an emotional story of about 30 hours.

One of the most attractive three-dimensional soulslikes on the independent scene is Thymesia. In it we will manage Corvus facing cruel and difficult enemies in a dark fantasy universe, in which we will steal the diseases of our opponents to use against them.

First came The Last Night, a 2D-style cyberpunk adventure that was captivated by Tim Soret’s superb graphic presentation. The author has decided to invest more time in the game and get out of the classic Cyberpunk canon to modernize it and be more committed. It is expected to finally come out this year.

The Last Night caused such a sensation that it even created a school before it even went on sale. And its most outstanding student is this Replaced, an action game also set in a dystopian cyberpunk world in which we will play the role of REACH, an AI trapped in a human body.

SacriFire is another must for JRPG lovers thanks to a visual style that mixes 2D and 3D in the Octopath Traveler style, but in even more striking ways. Along with its OST created by Motoi Sakuraba, the game promises an epic story and a unique and original combat system.

Another revival of the past is this new Ninja Turtles game that enters easily through the eyes with its colorful pixel art and its approach that rescues the beat’em up format in which Leonardo, Rafael, Michellangelo and Donatello moved like a fish, or rather turtle, in the water. Another rescue from the past by Dotemu.

With Golf Story on Switch, the Sidebar Games team got an original story that mixed mechanics of this sport and that surprised a few years ago. Now he intends to repeat success, but expanding the formula to more sports disciplines.

The Salt & Sanctuary sequel achieved a lot of recognition as one of the firsts in the soulslike craze, turning it around with its 2D world. Ska seeks with this sequel to take us to a new world full of dangers, although the competition now will undoubtedly be fiercer.

It was announced at the Summer Game Fest and managed to captivate with a friendly, colorful and highly elaborate style. We will explore this world accompanied by a faithful creature, avoiding heartless machines through puzzles, ingenuity, platforms and physics.

This original narrative adventure will have a sequel set five years after the events of the first game, in which we will re-investigate mysterious radio signals while controlling different young people and observing how they interact with each other.

Ever wonder what would happen if you mixed Tetris-style puzzle mechanics with intense roguelike combat? Neither did we, but the guys at straka.studio did and the result is very interesting.

Its launch is already a meme that is repeated in each streaming event that is announced, taking over trending topics wherever it goes. But we want to believe that Silksong is real, that it will arrive in 2022 and that it will not become the new Half-Life 3. Right?

After the killing, it’s time to clean, and we take care of that at Serial Cleaners. But be careful, because it is not only an interesting stealth game in which we get rid of corpses and clean all traces of blood, it is also a fragmented story in four characters, from their points of view and their different styles of play.

One of samurai, but with 2D style and in black and white. That is what Trek to Yumi proposes, promising to be faithful to the cinematic style of samurai films and with a very stylized combat in a story that, however, does not pretend to be realistic, but rather to face supernatural beings from Japanese mythology.

It has been delayed a bit, but the latest installment of Syberia still looks exquisite, in a three-dimensional graphic adventure that will make us return to the world of automata in two different eras with two protagonists, while we unveil a new mystery.

This sci-fi horror game caught our attention from the first moment, with a very successful dark and low-poly style in which we will face nightmare creatures while we explore and solve puzzles in the style of the classic Resident Evil.

Deep and real-time strategy is what awaits us in this sci-fi game of galactic conquest in which you build increasingly powerful ships with which to overthrow your enemies through tactical and intelligent fighting styles.

One of the most original proposals on the list is this Acolyte, a game that proposes us to be an AI tester that serves as a digital assistant on our phone. To test her abilities, we must communicate with her directly by writing our own sentences.

A full-fledged Road Trip, in which a mother and daughter take the long road trip to unearth secrets from the past. A quiet game in which the contemplation of the landscape and the conversations in the car carry as much weight as the plot itself.

Loco Motive is a spiritual successor to the humorous 90s point and click graphic adventure, also inspired by Agatha Christie’s whodunnit mystery novels. In it, we will take three characters on a train who must discover the murderer before they become suspicious of themselves.

After two fabulous deliveries, OlliOlli’s skateboard transforms and expands with this 3D frontflip that fills the landscape with even more complex areas and obstacles to overcome and grind full of missions, challenges and a lot of customization.

One of the most anticipated games is undoubtedly Little Devil Inside, which comes to vindicate the true meaning of Adventure with a protagonist who must survive the most dangerous (and monstrous) assignments in the most remote corners of the world.


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