400 square kilometers of track to drive crazy in this sandbox: Wreckreation trailer


Former creatives behind Burnout propose us to design circuits and compete in them.

Some of the authors of the Burnout saga left Criterion a few years ago to continue working on wacky arcade games. arcade racingand the result of that dream has materialized in Wreckreation, a gigantic sandbox with cars as protagonists that will allow us to go 400 square kilometers of tracks that you can “create, shape and destroy” at your whim.

The brainchild of Three Fields Entertainment, which in recent years has created games like the Dangerous Driving saga, Wreckreation “has been designed to be the sandbox experience of open world definitive for fans of driving and racing. A complete world designed by you or together with your friends online”, can be read in the official synopsis of this title presented during the last THQ Nordic event.


The customization options promise to be very highThe customization options promise to be very high at all levels since in Wreckreation we can design circuits to our liking using half pipes, loops, jumps and other obstacles to make each run feel unique and special. “Not even the sky is the limit!” Warn its authors. On the other hand, we can also customize the vehicles by modifying the color, accessories, the sound of the engine, its windows or even the driving style (manual or automatic). The good news is that all of these options will be open from the start.

If you thought that everything ends here, you are wrong, because we can also configure the competition by setting the victory parameters and others, or even create your own list of songs through 16 radio channels, or using Spotify.

True to form, the action won’t just be limited to competing to be the first to the finish line. In the streets of MixWorld we will find seven different ways to break records: Drift, Air, Near miss, Crash, Stunt or the more traditional option, Time.

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