5 reasons why online sports betting is incredibly popular in New Jersey


5 reasons why online sports betting is incredibly popular in New Jersey

Residents of the Garden State love sports betting; so much so, 2021 was a record year, raking in more than $6 billion in bets. New Jersey handily beat Nevada’s all-time record, taking the lead in the US sports betting market.

So, why is New Jersey dominating the American sports betting market? That’s a good question, and in response, we will propose five reasons why online sports betting is so popular in New Jersey. 

The Population is One Factor

New Jersey is the 11th most populous state in the country, with nearly 9.5 million residents. But perhaps more importantly, it’s right next to New York, with a population of well over 20 million people, and no legal online sports betting. New Jersey also borders Maryland, with a population of more than 6 million people, and no legal sports betting at all.

While New Jersey’s online sportsbooks are confined to the state with geofencing, that doesn’t stop New Yorkers or bettors from Maryland from driving over the state line to place bets. The fact is, the Northeast is the most densely populated region of the country, and New Jersey is at the center of sports betting action.

Also, Atlantic City is a popular tourist destination along the east coast, attracting millions of visitors every summer. Naturally, some of those visitors will place sports bets while visiting the city. The combined population of the east coast region means there are a lot of sports bettors going to New Jersey.

New Jersey Loves All Types of Sports

One reason that sports betting in New Jersey are that residents of the region love every kind of sport imaginable. 

In Nevada, football dominates sports betting. On the other hand, in New Jersey, football is just one factor. All over the northeast, basketball and baseball are just as popular as football. Not only that, but people in the region are also willing to lay down bets on soccer, tennis, golf, and hockey. The fact is, people back east are likely to bet on just about any sport they can.


During the COVID-19 lockdown, New Jersey saw betting on sports as varied as hotdog eating contests and Belarusian ping-pong matches. Online sportsbooks also took bets on eSports events. The mind-boggling number and variety of sporting events that New Jersey sportsbooks offer definitely adds to the popularity.


Let’s not forget horse racing; the Garden State has several horse tracks, all taking bets. Meadowlands and Monmouth Park not only take bets on horse races, but also on other sports. Simply put, the opportunity to place a bet in the Garden State is nearly endless. 

Lots of Popular Big League Teams in the Region

From the New York Giants, New York Yankees, New York Knicks, and the New Jersey Devils, the New York/New Jersey region has a lot of popular teams. And, with a combined population of around 30 million people, those two states can generate a lot of bets.

New Jersey not only offers online sports betting but also sports lounges within the stadiums that host the New York teams. Many of the people taking a seat at one of the major league stadiums will also place a bet at the in-house sportsbook.

Online Sports Betting is Open to Anyone 21 Years or Older in the State

You don’t need to be a resident of New Jersey to download sports betting app. You do need to be within the state’s borders, but you don’t need to be a resident. That means, many residents of New York have a New Jersey sports betting app on their phones. All they have to do is ride a bike over the Washington Bridge to start placing bets.

Online sports bettors in New Jersey also have their choice of several top-notch sports betting apps from extremely reputable companies. To see a complete list, click here. This makes sports betting in New Jersey not only easy but also very safe.

Summer visitors to the Jersey Shore are also free to download a sports betting app, to place bets during their visit. Not only that, but every casino resort in Atlantic City also has a retail sportsbook. The bottom line, New Jersey makes sports betting super easy. 

Global Online Sportsbooks Have Invested in the New Jersey Market

Online sportsbooks from all over the world rushed to the New Jersey market, including William Hill of the UK and PointsBet from Australia. Tipico, based in Germany, also opened a branch in Hoboken.

This global interest has played a part in opening up New Jersey’s sports betting market to the world. Within less than two years of launching sports betting in the state, New Jersey not only leads the US but also has become a major global player.


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