5 Ways Black Mirror Is Better Than The Twilight Zone


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I like The Twilight Zone. So you already know I need to love Black Mirror, too. It’s just about the non secular successor to The Twilight Zone, making for a contemporary method to the Sci-fi anthology style. And all people is aware of that The Twilight Zone is the king of that medium. No one’s denying it. The Twilight Zone is basic, classic tv.

That mentioned—and I do know that is blasphemy—however in some methods, Black Mirror is definitely higher than The Twilight Zone. Now, I do know Black Mirror doesn’t have the legacy that The Twilight Zone has (Black Mirror debuted in 2011), and even basic episodes like “To Serve Man” or “Time Sufficient at Final” (Black Mirror solely has 22 episodes to The Twilight Zone’s 156). However it nonetheless does have a couple of one-ups over the basic present, which I’m about to element now. Minor spoilers under for The Twilight Zone.

Mr Dingle, The Strong Episode

Black Mirror is Extra Constant With its Tone and Messages

Like I mentioned up prime, I like The Twilight Zone, however in its 156 episode, 5 season run, it was tremendous inconsistent with its tone and messages. For each nice, thought-provoking The Twilight Zone episode like “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Avenue” or “He’s Alive,” you’d get about 5 or 6 different foolish episodes like “Mr. Dingle, the Sturdy,” the place Burgess Meredith will get tremendous powers from some funny-looking aliens, and “Black Leather-based Jackets,” the place three aliens disguising themselves as greasers attempt to take over a small city. Granted, I like even the silly episodes of The Twilight Zone, but it surely’s plain that there’s lots of Sci-fi rubbish combined in with all the nice stuff.

Inversely, Black Mirror, whereas not slamming house runs with each episode, nonetheless at the least stays in keeping with its cynical messages about know-how and the longer term we’re heading towards. Its tone can also be fairly pitch-black for nearly all of its episodes, with just a bit levity sprinkled in right here or there. From “The Nationwide Anthem” to “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” with Miley Cyrus, you already know what you’re moving into if you watch a Black Mirror episode, and it often isn’t fairly.

A funny-looking alien in To Serve Man

Black Mirror Has No –Or at Least, Very Little– Reliance on Twists

Be sincere. Most of the finest episodes of The Twilight Zone depend on an M. Evening Shyamalan-esque twist to make them particular. For instance, would “To Serve Man” be the beloved basic that it’s if not for that twist on the finish? Would “Time Sufficient at Final” actually work if Burgess Meredith didn’t break his glasses? Even incredible episodes like “The Midnight Solar” are spoiled by the necessity to have a twist ending, robbing some in any other case nice episodes of their efficiency.

Black Mirror, then again, doesn’t actually depend on twists. Positive, you would argue that “Playtest” and “Males In opposition to Hearth” have twists on the finish, however they don’t actually want them to work as episodes. And the 2 main episodes that do have twists—“Shut up and Dance” and “White Christmas”—are literally made simpler by them for the reason that twists cope with subverting viewer expectations with reference to characters. Some episodes of The Twilight Zone really need twists simply to work, however not so with Black Mirror. When Black Mirror makes use of twists, it makes use of them to make you’re feeling even worse about what you simply watched. To not tickle you.

Dennis Hopper in He's Alive

Longer Episodes Means Extra Content material

Do you know that The Twilight Zone really has a couple of hour-long episodes? It’s true. In season 4, the collection toyed with making longer episodes, and I can inform you since I’ve seen each episode, that a lot of the hour-long episodes will not be superb. “Mute,” “Miniature” “The New Exhibit” and “He’s Alive” are the one actual stand-out episodes within the 18-episode season. And one will get a way that the writers overwrote the episodes and didn’t know what to do with all that additional time that they had after writing half-hour lengthy scripts for the three prior seasons.

Black Mirror, then again, all the time had longer episodes (“The Nationwide Anthem” is 44 minutes lengthy, whereas “Fifteen Million Deserves” starring Daniel Kaluuya is 62), so content material was by no means actually a difficulty. And the pacing is so significantly better due to it. What’s fascinating about The Twilight Zone is that a number of the half-hour episodes appear tremendous rushed, whereas the hour-long episodes really feel method too lengthy, so there was hardly ever ever a cheerful medium. However Black Mirror by no means had that drawback. The entire episodes really feel good.

The Entire History Of You

Extra Close to Future Episodes Means Extra Efficient Episodes

The Twilight Zone is in some ways a commentary on the Atomic Age. That’s all high quality and good, and it represents a good time capsule of emotions that existed again then. However a number of the ideas that advanced from these concepts appear sort of foolish as we speak. I all the time like to consider the wackier sci-fi episodes like “The Invaders”, the place a girl will get a go to from these little males that appear like toys, after I begin saying issues like, “The Twilight Zone is one of the best present of all time.” As a result of it’s not true. The Twilight Zone was nice, certain, but it surely’s not one of the best present ever. That episode has actually nothing to say about something (it even has a lame twist on the finish), and it’s only a results of the sort of tales that you’d discover in sci-fi magazines on the time. And there are lots of Twilight Zone episodes like “The Invaders”. Method too many, really.

However Black Mirror feels much more related and even prescient at occasions. Whereas The Twilight Zone handled matters like nuclear battle in considerably imprecise phrases, Black Mirror takes know-how we presently have (like social media and net cameras) and envisions a future that looks as if it may occur in a span of years or perhaps a few months. That makes the episodes far more potent and alive than an ideal majority of episodes on The Twilight Zone.



This one’s unfair since The Twilight Zone didn’t have the capabilities again then to do interactive motion pictures, however how nice would it not have been to truly “management” William Shatner in “Nightmare at 20,00zero Ft”? Or to inform that little, telepathic boy in “It’s a Good Life” to go straight and on to hell, after which watch the results of your actions?

The reality is, it looks as if solely a scattershot present like Black Mirror, (a three-episode season? Go forward! A Select-Your-Personal Journey episode? Why not?), has the aptitude to be really shocking because it ostensibly has no boundaries, which is one thing that The Twilight Zone may by no means do with its strict, community TV limitations.

In the long run, The Twilight Zone will more than likely all the time be the extra revered present. However Black Mirror, whereas comparatively “new”, nonetheless has a couple of one ups over the basic collection. However what are your ideas? Do you additionally suppose that Black Mirror is considerably superior to The Twilight Zone? Hold forth within the feedback.

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