5 Wonder Woman Characters Who Should Star In The Amazons Spinoff Movie


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Gal Gadot and Connie Nielson in Wonder Woman 2017

When 2017’s Wonder Woman first hit the massive display screen, one of the jaw-dropping parts of the DCEU flick was seeing Diana Prince’s island nation of Themyscira fly off the pages of the comedian books and be revealed in glistening reside motion. However Wonder Woman‘s core story had Gal Gadot’s hero venturing away from her dwelling to combat in World Struggle I with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, and Wonder Woman 1984 seems to be to heart on Diana residing amongst People within the Reagan Period. Enter the lately teased The Amazons spinoff.

As Wonder Woman franchise author/director Patty Jenkins has introduced, she has plans for a 3rd solo film that includes the superhero and a derivative about The Amazons of Themyscira. In response to Jenkins, she already has mapped out the story for the spinoff with Wonder Woman 1984 co-writer and former DC Leisure President and Chief Artistic Officer Geoff Johns. They’ve offered the pitch and it’s transferring by way of improvement proper now. So it’s time to speak to by way of the core Amazons who ought to be featured within the comedian ebook film. Listed here are our picks:

Connie Nielson as Hippolyta in Wonder Woman

Queen Hippolyta

Queen Hippolyta was launched within the first Wonder Woman movie as Diana Prince’s mom and the ruler of Themyscira. Connie Nielsen’s character has a small position to play within the franchise, however in a derivative about The Amazons, she might take the highest billing right here. In the comics, Hippolyta has a deep and intriguing historical past that dates again to Historic Greek instances when she was created by the Gods of Olympus. She is the reincarnated soul of a cavewoman in prehistoric instances whose life was minimize quick by the hatred of males. Thus she and others like her kind the Amazon tribe.

The God of Struggle, Ares (aka Mars), influenced the demigod Heracles into seducing the queen and enslaving her. However the goddess Athena liberated her and her sisters, they usually determined to flee to Themyscira, the place they’ll reside solely amongst girls and stay immortal so long as they keep there. In the comics, Hippolyta has additionally assumed the title of Wonder Woman, time traveled to the ‘40s with Jay Garrick and even joined the Justice League of America. (Dwayne Johnson has already teased the JSA is coming to the massive display screen because of Black Adam).

Ann Ogbomo as Philippus in Wonder Woman

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The Amazons spinoff must also characteristic the non-public protector of Queen Hippolyta, Philippus. This character additionally had a job in Wonder Woman and Justice League, the place she was performed by Ann Ogbomo, however she wasn’t round lengthy sufficient to be memorable. Philippus is a key determine to Themyscira as a result of she was additionally a mentor to Diana and takes over because the chancellor to the island nation after the Queen dies within the comics. Philippus has additionally served as Wonder Woman’s bodyguard.

Philippus is immortal and has the distinctive capability to fight accidents and toxins by turning into one with the Earth’s soil and nurturing her physique again to well being. She is a badass and key member of the Amazons who completely wants her personal storyline within the DCEU in addition to being a background soldier within the Wonder Woman movies. The character has 3,00zero years of life lived for the film to drag from.

Robin Wright as Antiope in Wonder Woman


When Wonder Woman got here out, an immediate fan favourite was Robin Wright’s Antiope, who sadly died throughout an early battle within the 2017 movie. The character is Hippolyta’s sister and Diana Prince’s aunt and mentor. She’s the suitable hand to the queen and the final of the Amazonian armies. Antiope might be an particularly important character to an Amazons spinoff as a result of she doesn’t at all times see eye-to-eye with the remainder of the Amazons. She has challenged their methods on many events.

In one occasion, she leaves the island and kinds a romance with the son of Hercules, Theseus. Collectively they kind their very own nation referred to as Bana-Mighdall, the place different Amazons (together with one iconic warrior named Artemis determined to reside. If the Amazons spinoff explored this relationship between sisters Hippolyta and Antiope, it might make for an fascinating storyline and be a great purpose for the franchise to carry Robin Wright again into the combination.

Donna Troy in DC Comics

Donna Troy

An Amazon who has but to make an look on the big-screen is the adopted daughter of Hippolyta, Donna Troy. She’s passed by the aliases of Wonder Lady, Darkstar, Troia and Donna Prince, and Conor Leslie has portrayed her in DC’s Titans TV present (the comedian ebook character is a founding member of the Teen Titans). Donna Troy is fascinating as a result of she grows up unaware of her true origin. She was created by an Amazonian sorceress Magala out of clay to be a playmate and weapon in opposition to Diana.

Donna grows up with false recollections, main her to imagine she’s a human baby who was rescued and dropped at the island nation to be protected. When she finds out the reality later, she challenges to assert the throne as a substitute of Wonder Woman. Does that remind anybody else of Black Panther? There’s one other storyline the place the Teen Titans come from the longer term to warn her that her baby will develop into the enormously highly effective villain Lord Chaos, so she provides up her powers to keep away from this destiny for Earth.

Nubia in Wonder Woman costume in the comic books


One final Amazon who ought to star in a Wonder Woman spinoff ought to be Hippolyta’s second daughter, Nubia. Simply as Diana Prince was sculpted from clay, so is Nubia, however with a clay that provides her darkish pores and skin. Nubia is meant to have the nice power of Diana, however Ares/Mars steals her from Hippolyta and raises her to be his warrior. He additionally has Nubia put on a hoop that retains her thoughts clouded and underneath his management.

In the comics, Diana Prince is ready to free Nubia from Mars through the use of the warmth of the Solar to soften off the ring. Nubia and Wonder Woman are technically twin sisters who’re equals in some ways. It could be superior to see Nubia portrayed on the massive display screen in an Amazons spinoff, and Tiffany Haddish is already able to play her.

Which Amazon would you wish to see take the lead in a Wonder Woman spinoff? Vote in our ballot beneath and keep tuned right here on CinemaBlend for extra updates on the DCEU. Gal Gadot returns in Wonder Woman 1984 on August 14.

Which Amazon would you wish to see take the lead in a Wonder Woman spinoff?


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