500 Crore Defamation Case: YouTuber opposes Akshay Kumar’s Rs 500 crore defamation notice, know the whole case


Mumbai YouTuber Rashid Siddiqui, while opposing the defamation notice sent by Akshay Kumar in the case of the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, has termed the compensation of Rs 500 crore sought by the actor unfair. Siddiqui said that there is nothing defamatory in his video. At the same time, Akshay Kumar was also requested to withdraw this notice and failing to do so, he also asked to initiate “appropriate legal proceedings” against the actor. Also Read – NCB found this suspicious thing during a raid on comedian Bharti Singh’s house …

Kumar, in a defamation notice sent to Siddiqui on November 17, demanded a compensation of Rs 500 crore for making ‘false and baseless’ allegations against him in the Rajput death case. Kumar had said in a notice sent through the law firm ‘I Legal’ that Rashid Siddiqui had posted several defamatory and abusive videos against him on his YouTube channel ‘FF News’. Also Read – Bollywood Drugs Connection: NCB’s raid at the house of famous comedian Bharti and her husband Harsh, accused of taking drugs

Siddiqui gave his lawyer J.J. Responding to the notice on Friday through P. Jaiswal said that the allegations made by Akshay Kumar were “false, annoying and harassing and intended to harass him”. He said that several journalists, including Siddiqui, had shown news on the matter after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput as many influential people had their names attached to the case and other media channels were not providing the correct information. Also Read – Preparing to close railways and flights between Delhi-Mumbai, Uddhav government approves proposal

In his response, Siddiqui said that freedom of expression is the fundamental right of Indian citizens. In response, it has been said that the video released by Siddiqui cannot be considered defamatory and should be viewed with impartial perspective. The reply said, “The news shown by Siddiqui is on the public domain and he (Siddiqui) has also shown other news channels as a source.”

He also questioned the delay in issuing the defamation notice and said that the video was ‘uploaded’ on August 2020. The reply said, “The demand for compensation of Rs 500 crores is unreasonable and it has been done only with the intention of putting pressure on Siddiqui”.

Siddiqui urged Kumar to withdraw the notice and asked not to do so, to initiate legal proceedings against him. YouTuber, who hails from Bihar, claimed that the actor had deliberately targeted him.

The Mumbai Police has also filed an FIR against him, the Government of Maharashtra and Minister Aditya Thackeray for various posts related to defamatory, misleading people and willful insults. On November 3, a Mumbai court granted anticipatory bail to Siddiqui and directed him to cooperate in the investigation.


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