500 euro donation for high fines: first Aue regulars’ table in three years


Oelsnitz/Ore Mountains. – The first FCE regulars’ table after a three-year Corona break on Tuesday in Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge in the “Zum Anker” restaurant had one main topic: the €110,000 fine by the DFB for the derbies against Dresden and Zwickau. The first donation of 500 euros is for the FC Erzgebirge Aue been collected.

Board member Robert Scholz (centre) explained to the fans how the DFB imposed the high penalty.

Board member Robert Scholz (centre) explained to the fans how the DFB imposed the high penalty. © Katja Lipmmann-Wagner

386 euros were put into a purple FCE can. The president of the Erzgebirge Heimatverein Oberoelsnitz, Jürgen Metzler, increased the amount to 500 euros as the host.

“It should only be a first small contribution,” says Metzler. The fans have planned further measures in the coming weeks in order to absorb the damage to the club.

In addition to sports director Matthias Heidrich (45), coach Pavel Dotchev (57), players Sam Schreck (24) and Marvin Stefaniak (28), board member Robert Scholz was also present at the regulars’ table.

Ex-Aue trainer Rost reports after being kicked out: "The squad keeps the class!"
FC Erzgebirge Aue
Ex-Aue trainer Rost reports after being thrown out: “The squad keeps the class!”

He was asked if the club felt disadvantaged by the huge penalties. He clearly denied that. Knowing full well that the association is currently taking tough action and that the causes were not with that.

He explained that “every single torch lit, every Bengalo, every beer mug, every lighter” was deposited with an agreement with a fixed amount and these amounts would then add up.

He said that the club would do everything in the future to stop such riots as against Zwickau. But Scholz also said that you can never 100 percent prevent pyrotechnics from being smuggled into the stadium.

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