6 Issues Star Wars Movies Need To Avoid Going Forward


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Yoda Star Wars

It is official: one other Star Wars film is within the works, which suggests there’s one other alternative for followers to get excited or completely furious. The latter tends to come back from the franchise’s latest resolution making with its films and its makes an attempt to please as many individuals as doable. At the very least, that is what some suppose, although I am inclined to suppose there’s additionally one other key half each side of the fandom are inclined to overlook.

Star Wars typically does the identical stuff with its films time and again, and it could be time to shake issues up. Beneath are a few of the widespread tropes I have been irritated by in more moderen years, and I might wish to consider the franchise would enhance considerably if it stopped repeating these errors from film to film.

Rey and Kylo Ren Star Wars

Story Parts That Aren’t Defined Till After The Film

In most films, a director revealing further issues in regards to the plot could be frowned upon and even laughable. To be truthful, that was typically what the Star Wars fandom did following Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, as explanations behind key plot factors are nonetheless rolling in following the film’s arrival on Disney+.

It ought to be famous although that that is one thing the franchise has completed for a very long time, even way back to the Unique Trilogy. I can forgive the opening crawls as a result of it is inevitable there must be some catch-up given the passage of time between films. However in relation to the motivations of characters or particulars in regards to the story, I consider that if it wasn’t necessary sufficient to make the ultimate lower of the film, there’s actually no want for it to be added within the novelization. If a plot element is that necessary, present, do not inform.

Maz Kanata Star Wars

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Overhyping Insignificant Characters Forward Of Movies

What do Maz Kanata, Captain Phasma and Zorii Bliss have in widespread? They have been all characters hyped nicely forward of their respective Star Wars films, however had little to do with the general story. Earlier than them it was Gungans, Boba Fett or simply about any character who was featured in some toy line or commerce journal forward of launch, and but was in the end was of no significance to the franchise.

Clearly it is in Star Wars‘ greatest curiosity to have a bunch of cool-looking characters folks need to purchase toys of, and I am effective with that. What I am not effective with is the overhyping of those characters, solely to see the film months later and be taught they weren’t actually something than a stormtrooper in shiny armor. Promote characters who’re going to be impactful to the story, and perhaps be extra conscious about deciding which characters are value having round to inform a narrative and which are not.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars

Too Many Jedi Heroes

The Star Wars franchise has completed itself a disservice by tying so many occasions to the Skywalker household, but it surely’s additionally completed a disservice by regularly telling a narrative via the eyes of a Jedi. That perspective of righteousness, the Mild Facet and pure aversion to the Darkish Facet drastically limits the scope of tales that may be instructed, and makes this huge universe really feel even smaller than it already does.

Positive, Solo: A Star Wars Story was a poor displaying for a non-Jedi lead, however Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and The Mandalorian have confirmed this can be a commercially viable and mega profitable premise. It might be effective to introduce a Jedi as a aspect character if it is completely crucial, however permit us to have a morally conflicted character who would not essentially have to stick to the code of the Jedi. I might like to see it, or at the very least another occupation of the Star Wars universe explored in better element.

Star Wars Darth Vader and Luke

Us Vs. Them Plot Traces

A galaxy as huge as Star Wars may have some actual Recreation of Thrones energy struggles for management of the galaxy, and but, it all the time appeared to boil all the way down to Palpatine vs. everybody else. In equity that is a testomony to how highly effective a villain Palpatine was, however now that the franchise is formally shifting past his reign of terror, maybe it is time to a battle with extra shifting items.

Underneath regular circumstances, I feel some could be leery there would not be sufficient display time to commit to a number of factions, however that is Star Wars. The day this franchise stops getting trilogies shall be a tragic one certainly, although not a day I will think about we’ll see within the close to future. Use these assured sequels and plan a narrative out that is sensible moderately than altering issues up on the fly between films.

Death Star Star Wars

Machines That Destroy Planets

The Loss of life Star and Starkiller Base have been efficient fear-mongering units for a sizzling minute, however in the end not definitely worth the time or effort for what they completed. That is very true when contemplating how straightforward each have been destroyed, and that the concern they struck in destroying planets solely strengthened Insurgent factions resolve to band collectively and cease them.

I am additionally a agency believer that if Star Wars depicted extra private acts of destruction with its villains, it could be far more practical. Blowing up Alderaan was about essentially the most PG strategy to present genocide to a mass market, however displaying these villains raiding villages and hurting others would make the evil shine via a lot extra in my view. Plus, I am so over Loss of life Star knockoffs, and simply may lose it if I see one other one.

Rey Poe Finn Chewbacca C-3PO BB-8 Star Wars

Too Many Foremost Characters

Star Wars tends to create a bunch of likable characters after which battle to provide all of them necessary roles within the story. Granted, it is not like I am anticipating each character to have a serious arc, however when introducing three leads, there’s an obligation to provide these characters one thing extra to do than stand round.

The Sequel Trilogy put plenty of heroes in the primary group, however did a poor job of working them into the core story. Even when Leia and Han weren’t tremendous impactful in Luke’s story, they have been at the very least tied into the arc in a means that naturally introduced them again into the story. If there is no cause to have a gang of heroes in a Star Wars story, hold it easy and hold the numbers as little as doable.


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Do you’ve some other recommendations for issues the longer term tales of Star Wars cinema ought to keep away from? Listing all feedback and recommendations beneath, and proceed to stay with CinemaBlend for all the newest happenings in films and tv.



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