6 Things That Would Have Made My Life Easier Starting V Rising


V Rising is the new fashion game on Steam, and after spending a few hours immersed in its world, we can tell you 6 details that we would have loved to know at the beginning of our adventure. Although it is a vampire game, it has little to do with terror, although what is scary is its ability to make the hours fly by.

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After the first hours, we have discovered 7 details that, honestly, every player should know when starting their adventure. If you want your progress to be somewhat simpler or simply to know some tricks that will come in handy so that the game doesn’t become uphill for you, you’ve come to the right place.

6 Things That Would Have Made My Life Easier Starting V Rising

The wolf form can save you from many problems

The first boss you will defeat in the game is the Alpha Wolf. By killing him, you will unlock a power with which you can move faster on the map by turn into a wolf. However, this form has a very special use that can be great for you: in wolf form, the vast majority of animals will not attack you, and some humanoid enemies will not attack you either.

6 Things That Would Have Made My Life Easier Starting V Rising 1

Use this to your advantage, both to travel quietly around the map without being beaten up by wild animals and to ambush bosses that are animals.

Kill mobs whenever you can

Ending the different humanoid and animal enemies that you find never hurts. The reason is quite simple: in addition to materials, you can harvest life essencessomething you will need when upgrading your base and keeping it fed.

Oso v tising

Although it may seem heavy, do not be afraid to “waste” some time doing this, because in the end you will use practically all the resources that the enemies drop. Also remember that when executing enemies with F will refill your blood bar, that you will need to use some of your abilities.

Dominate the map by building in the center

V Rising’s map is reasonably large, and building your base in one of the corners will only force you to give you some real kicks whenever you want to visit some place or you have to get something more advanced materials.

Mapa v rising

Therefore, the best advice we can give you is that choose a central location and there you have your main base. In this way, you will have everything a little more at hand.

Use the caves (the teleports)

Throughout the map you will find some cracks in caves. These are not places you have to enter to defeat monsters, but rather it is a fast travel mechanic with which you can save a LOT of time (especially if you memorize the connections between cracks a little).

cracks caves v rising

The best thing you can do is make yourself a mind map about the best connections between teleportation portals and these cave rifts, to create shortcuts throughout the map if you want to move faster.

Stone golems can help you harvest resources

Some stones on the sides of the road are not such, but rather gigantic enemies that hit like real trucks and that can leave you shivering from a couple of cakes. However, they can also have a use if you use them wisely: lure them to areas with resources (trees, stones, ores…) and make them stick their smack there.

6 things that would have made my life easier when starting V Rising stone golem

In this way, the resource sources will make phostatin and you will be able to collect them without too much effort.

Feed on villagers to get resources faster

This is no secret: in V Rising you are going to have to farm a lot. This can be a bit of a tedious process if you don’t really know how to optimize it, but luckily for you there is a way to speed up the process a bit: by executing a villager.

villagers v rising

These humanoids specialize in gathering resources, and by consuming their blood you will speed up the farming process. You already know: if it makes you heavy, go to a town and kill a villager.


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