6 Ways To Grow Your Follower Base On Twitch


Twitch is a live streaming platform launched in 2011. It’s the perfect hangout for anyone interested in creating content. Although Twitch initially prioritized video games, it’s introduced more categories recently. Today, it’s home to online game creators, comedians, designers, shows, and others, on the condition that they don’t violate Twitch’s policies. 

If you’ve just subscribed and are seeking to gain more viewers on Twitch, you can use some tips to grow your following. After all, nobody wants to fall behind their competitors, regardless of their niche. 

The following tips will help you gain more followers on Twitch:

  • Play Games With Your Community

Most people on Twitch want to join communities where they can play online video games. Take advantage and choose some exciting games to play with your targeted audience. 

One of the many thrilling games is Super Mario Maker 2. Participants will get excited as they enjoy watching opponents suffer and eventually die as a community. Another game to play with your community is the Fall Guys. It’s free on any platform, with players looking forward to winning crowns. It’s also funny and a great choice if you want a good laugh. Besides that, the results are predictable, so every player has a chance to win. These games are engaging, and you’ll attract followers hoping to enjoy more live stream games.

  • Use Twitch Viewers Bots

Any Twitch views bot can help to increase your followers. UserViral bot is one of them. It’s the first bot you see on the Twitch website and claims it can help you grow your presence on social media. Its prices are reasonable, and the bot encourages you to grow organically. Real people watch your live streaming while using it, helping you gain many authentic followers. 

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Media Mister is handy if you’re looking forward to excelling on Twitch. The bot gives you exposure in various online areas and is an excellent option for anyone who wants to grow and reach a big audience on Twitch and beyond. You’ll see this bot’s chat log on the Twitch website. You’re free to chat with it and ask any questions you may have. It has plenty of expertise and experience in the industry and will help you increase social media engagement.

Another Twitch Bot to consider is the GetAFollower which helps you discover more on Twitch. This bot claims to help you buy plenty of social media engagement, which is essential for the Twitch channel’s growth. The GetAFollower bot has a good reputation among many Twitch users because it makes it easy to engage potential followers through live streams. It has a chat log where you can discuss your goals with the team behind the bot.   

  • Request Friends And Family To Follow You 

Getting friends and family to watch your channel increases your followers and can help you find other viewers. These people will make time to view your videos during live streams. While they may not interact with you, being there makes a lot of difference in the initial stages when you don’t have many followers. The more views you have, the higher you rank on Twitch, especially among people looking for content like yours. Since Twitch is a big community, your family and friends will meet new people and are likely to invite them to join your live streams. 

  • Use An Attractive Overlay 
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During live streams, people look for attractive videos and stick around if there’s an impressive overlay. Such aesthetics give the impression that you’re a person that’s keen on producing excellent content. The overlay can be as simple as beautifully designed animation touch-ups. Let viewers see that you made an effort to create quality content by enhancing the appearance of your live streams.

  • Have A Website

While most people do not think a website can help get more views on Twitch, it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to market your channel. Stand out in a crowd and have a plugin on your site, and people will be notified when you start a live stream on Twitch.   

  • Irresistible Titles For Your Videos

Unless you’re creative with your titles, your interesting content may not attract as many viewers as it should. Create attention-grabbing thumbnails and titles to get people to check out your live streams. But always make sure it’s relevant to your content. Lying to viewers for quick views can hurt your channel in the long run.   

And Finally

Getting Twitch viewers in 2022 shouldn’t be too hard. All you need is to take the time to follow most of the tips provided by online research guides. These tips make the whole process fun while helping to grow your channel in all aspects.