6-year-old innocent man seen pushing stretcher in UP hospital, Ward Boy asked for money


Deoria: A shameful incident has come out of Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh. In fact, in a viral video, a six-year-old innocent is seen with his mother on the stretcher, pushing his ailing grandfather on a stretcher and pushing it from one ward to another. Ward Boy has been removed as soon as this video appears on social media. The hospital personnel had allegedly asked for thirty rupees in lieu of taking the patient lying on the stretcher to the ward. Also Read – Did Paranormal Steve Huff really speak to Sushant Singh Rajput’s soul? How much is the truth?

District Magistrate Amit Kishore visited the hospital on Monday and met the patient Chhendi Yadav and his family members and along with that he formed a Joint Investigation Panel under Sadar SDM and Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the hospital and got them as soon as possible Asked to submit a report on this sentence. Officials said that Chhendi Yadav of Gaura village has been admitted to the surgical ward of the hospital due to injury two days ago. During this time, Chedi was accompanied by his daughter Bindu and grandson of six years. Also Read – Sushant was also expert in fighting pawns, then this video will make him emotional by reminding him

Bindu told reporters that Ward Boy had asked for thirty rupees every time he was taken on a stretcher to do his father’s ointment and when he refused to give the money, Ward Boy also refused to pull the stretcher. Having done so, Bindu had to pull the stretcher with the help of his son Shivam. Also Read – His own pet dog attacked Ranbir Kapoor, had to go to hospital for treatment!

Bidu was not aware that while she was pulling the stretcher, someone was making a video of her, which was later posted on social media. Kishore says, “Ward Boy has been removed for being found guilty. He has been removed by the Chief Medical Officer and investigations are on. We will ensure that such incidents do not recur. “


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