6 years playing Pokémon GO and I have finally been able to go to a Safari Zone


Since 2016, millions of Pokémon fans have been able to make their dreams come true by catching Pokémon “in real life” thanks to the successful Niantic mobile game. Euphoria that remains today. And the next step was to create an authentic Safari Zone that has been installed in the city of Seville. This has been our experience with Pokémon GO fans.

Catching Pokémon in real life was the dream of every ’90s kid who grew up with the first edition of Pokémon on their Game Boy. Until then, we could collect pogs, have a Pokédex, complete our sticker album, but we could never even imagine that the possibility of going out to capture copies was in our hands. However, it happened and the fever that was produced still lasts today even with a pandemic behind it.

The achievement of Pokémon GO is not only given by this wonderful ability to make us dream of being Trainers and bringing Pokémon to real life, but also by the fact that many people of all ages (and not fans of the franchise ), they also began to play as an excuse to exercise in an entertaining way. Therefore, it is not surprising that soon the events that brought these players together to form a community. There are very popular ones like the community day, key if you are a shiny seeker like me. These are worldwide, accessible and free, a meeting place where you can get Group Raids and make friends. However, there are also those with whom we dream of going sometime in our lives, far away, and that is where the Zona Safari.

In case someone doesn’t know, the Safari Zone is a very relevant event that is held every time it is held in a different country with the aim that the people of a region can access the exclusive pokemons of another. Philadelphia, Porto Alegre, Yokosuka or Liverpool have been some of the locations chosen for it and now it was Seville’s turn. Thus, the Alamillo Park It has welcomed more than 20,000 Trainers from all over the world during the days 13, 14 and 15 of May and among all of them, one was me.

When I found out that this event was taking place so close, like a Trainer at the beginning of her adventure, I packed my backpack, grabbed my sneakers, said goodbye to my mother, and went out to capture Pokémon. Expectations were high, but the result has lived up to it. The first thing that struck me when I arrived was that this event was not a simple congregation of people with mobile phones, while other people looked curiously at what was going on. Already just the reception With big banners, a dedicated entrance, people handing out Pikachu hats, and the best-known songs of the first generation playing, it put you in a good mood and invited you to spend a great day in nature. The second thing was the breadth of the park. Just the entrance to the main stands was a 10 minute walk as we saw emblems from each team.

The first day was calm, the heat invited to sit on the lawn and put some bait or incense and capture the specimens. However, Niantic had thought of everything and throughout the entire enclosure we could find multiple water accesses, (public address reminder included), as well as batteries in case our mobile decided to turn off. The feeling of being a space designed entirely for the player was constant. If you decided to get over the temperature and explore, you could find things as fun as a Snorlax gigante who seemed almost as heated as you. There were also a lot of staff who distributed products such as key chains, stickers or, the funniest thing, posters with which you could communicate with other players and look for the copies that you were missing. If you put on a good show, you left with a full Friends agenda. There are not going to be enough Gifts for everyone. What is interesting? That the people were very friendly and if you got the code from people from other countries, the exchanges have advantages, as well as the opening of Gifts.

Pokémon GO: 6 years playing Pokémon GO and I have finally been able to go to a Safari Zone

You could access a wide variety of food stalls and sit in a picnic area, almost all of it was fast food, but surprisingly tasty. What I liked the most were the affordable prices. Nothing to do business through the roof, we had already paid an entry. And speaking of this, despite the fact that the park is public, the event itself could only be accessed by those who had their pass. Even having the game, if you didn’t have the pass, those copies wouldn’t come out for you. Some of them were Unown, Oricorio, Litleo, Deino or Deerling. The probability of getting varicolored specimens It wasn’t as high as it was on Community Day, but you could get out of there with more than one. In my case, I got some like Roselia, whom I had been following for a long time.

In particular, we had additional perks as is often the case in events, so the items had a longer duration and thanks to the specific research and field tasks we did not lack objectives. As of 12:00 all content was available and the raids active. Needless to say, leaving a Pokémon in a Gym meant that it would last you 5 minutes alive. On the other hand, I recommend from my own experience to assist with space both in the inventory and in the storage of Pokémon, if not, it can be a hassle. Lesson learned.

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The rest of the available areas were completed with an exclusive merchandising store with t-shirts, backpacks and stuffed animals from the event and a fun little train that took you for a ride around the park. There were also PvP tournaments for those who enjoy the most competitive section and fighting and, obviously, Team GO Rocket could not miss the appointment. It’s actually funny, because we could find physical PokéStops.

It is surprising the number of people who gathered at the event and yet, the tranquility that was breathed at all timesHowever, if I had to highlight something from my experience during that weekend in the Safari Zone, I think I would prefer the atmosphere. It is surprising how many people gathered at the event and yet, the tranquility that was breathed at all times. Well, except when he played the music of Pueblo Lavanda, (but who comes up with that?). Speaking with the director of the game’s global events, Humberto Kam, he told me that they had selected the Parque del Alamillo for all the advantages it offered, and it was true. The feeling of crowding did not occur in any case thanks to the amount of land available to play, the spaces between objects, the change of landscape with a lake included.

In this way, my fear of meeting a crowd and suffocating heat calmed down when I realized that the Safari Zone had been conceived as a place of rest and community. I left there loaded with specimens, objects to burst and wondering how Ash Ketchum has been able to cover entire regions when I slept more than a Snorlax after a weekend. I don’t know if I would be one of those who would take a plane ticket just to attend this meeting, but I can understand that added to the possibility of seeing a new city, there are people who decide to spend the weekend among Pokémon.


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