7 free games for this weekend: Crusader Kings III, Rainbow Six Siege and more


If you want to enjoy this weekend (with bridge included in some Communities) without spending a single euro, take a look at these recommendations. We selected 7 free games for this weekend on different platforms that you can enjoy at no cost.

The free games for this weekend that we recommend

Although there are many more and we recommend that you take a good look at Xbox Game Pass (both on consoles and on PC) because the acquisition of Bethesda has added 20 new games to the service, these are our personal recommendations. What do you think?

  • Crusader Kings III (Steam). The latest installment of the franchise is a real game, and we can play for free this weekend. If you like to set up your own kingdom, make decisions and make history change with them, it is the best of the genre.
  • The Fall (Epic Games Store). You can download this game on the Epic Games Store until March 25 and keep it forever. Also a good recommendation for the weekend – a very intriguing 2D scrolling game.
  • Rainbow Six Siege (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One). One of the best competitive games in recent years is offering a free week. Until March 25 we can enjoy the Ubisoft game at no cost.
  • Dirt 5 (Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One). As part of the Free Play Days promotion, we can play Dirt 5 for free until March 22 on Xbox consoles. The last installment of the saga, highly recommended if you are into speed and driving.
  • Evo/Wave (Steam). A new release that we can acquire completely free of charge. It is a 3D platformer with an amazing look. Give it a spin.
  • Skyrim (PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One). There are tons of Bethesda games available on Xbox Game Pass, but this week we recommend that you try the classic among classics. This is how we prepare for the possible arrival of Starfield.
  • OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns (Steam). And another Steam release that comes completely free is this first-person shooter with traces of roguelike and that has 30 million different weapons. Almost nothing.
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And these are the free games for this weekend that we recommend from IGN. What are you going to play first?