7 keys to understanding Valheim and the success of this survival game: what it is and what it offers


It has become one of the new phenomena of Steam, reaching the top positions among active users and surpassing large productions of the medium. Sure you have heard of him but you are still not very clear what is Valheim and what does this new survival game offer. Do you do something innovative? Why this tremendous success? We try to understand this work of Iron Gate AB in 7 keys.

What is Valheim? Classic but extreme survival

The easiest way to understand what Valheim is is to think about the classic survival games of recent years. Thinking of Minecraft, for example, is a good approach: we generate a world (which is generated procedurally, that is, each game will be different) and we will have to get by from scratch by finding basic resources for survival, resources to craft tools and weapons, build our base, etc.

However, Valheim is somewhat more extreme. It is an interesting mix, since it combines this classic essence with the simplicity of starting (it is not necessary to allocate hours and hours of farming and construction to advance, for example) but with a more extreme degree of survivability, since anything can kill you. There are not a few players who are already talking about the danger of cutting down the trees, that they fall on you, or that they drown at the minimum … I myself suffered my first death with an innocent little animal that I tried to hunt with my fists to have something to eat.

Bosses in Valheim and clear goals

Another of the characteristic elements of the game that is combined with that more classic survival is theto the presence of bosses in Valheim and clear objectives, which we must complete. That is, the game has a progress and we can complete its story (if we want). There are a total of four creatures that we can summon in different parts of the world, with which we will have to fight.

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Can we just enjoy their world and try to survive or find our own goals? Of course. In this regard, Valheim also remembers titles like Minecraft that have these objectives that we can complete or not. This freedom of action, freedom and progress makes it very attractive for certain players who prefer to progress through the games in their own way at any time.

Early Access on PC: where and how to buy Valheim

Before proceeding with the game features, it is also important to know where and how to buy Valheim right now. Its status is Early Access, that is, it is in a development process where the game has not yet been finalized but players can try what it offers right now. This means that the game will continue to evolve and receive content updates, which may vary to a greater or lesser extent the entire experience.

This is very common in survival games of the style, and also in others. Nowadays it is difficult for an independent development studio (such as Iron Gate AB) to assume all the costs and commitments required to launch a game on the market, so these Early Access states help its creators to continue with work while the players offer their point of view and help financially with their purchases.

You can buy Valheim right now on Steam for € 16.79.

Viking setting

An important key to understand Valheim’s success is its Viking setting. It not only takes its culture, myths, characters and other elements, but it marks the starting point of our particular adventure. We play a warrior who has just arrived in Valheim, which in this culture refers to the tenth world. A kind of beyond where our soul resides, since we have fallen in battle.

Odin takes a very special role (we will not reveal much more) and we will have to battle against his enemies. In addition, a curious raven will be the method that this God uses to provide us with the information that we need to know at all times. It is a way of offering the game’s tutorials (essential) using an excuse that matches the context of this very special setting. Of course, on a visual level it is also important and leads us to the next point.

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Visual simplicity but with a lot of personality, this is Valheim

Valheim’s graphics are not notable for their spectacularity and realism, but they have a very special personality. In a simple way, without many ornaments but with intention, it invites us to travel a very beautiful world that leaves us with wonderful pictures through its simplicity in its forms. Light and vivid colors that combine with that Viking aesthetic that we see in the clothes, weapons and other elements that we will discover (and build) in their world.

Another important factor that helps Valheim’s current success is the possibility of enjoy the game without many technical complications– Any PC with simple requirements can easily run the game, easily expanding its player range. A good example that spectacular, realistic visuals that get the most out of the best teams is not synonymous with success.

Crafting, fighting, upgrades, skills, biomes … more important Valheim features

Before we have done a superficial review to understand what Valheim is, but now we are going to go a little further. In addition to the classic elements of survival games, the work introduces a crafting system that allows us to build elements that will allow us to progress through its world and improve our character, which in turn has a system of skills that improve with the use. That is, if we want to improve in some aspect we will have to practice as in life itself.

We have already said that the construction of your world is procedural and every time we start a game it will be generated from scratch. This causes no game is the same as the previous one and that no player shares the same world, factors such as the various biomes they have come into play. We will find different areas with their own characteristics and resources to collect, so exploration will be essential to advance. There is a weather system and the world will also be affected by the weather … crazy, wow.

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Multiplayer in Valheim: another key to understanding its success

Yes, there is multiplayer in Valheim and it is one of the most important characteristics that allows us to understand your success. We can enjoy the game up to 10 players in cooperative mode, sharing the same world and environment, although the study itself does not recommend (for now) that there be more than five simultaneous players. This is generating a lot of interest among the community, since it is not an individual survival game but we can share all our experiences with our friends.

It also gives the impression that Iron Gate Studio is giving special relevance to this section, so it is likely that in the future we will see many additions related to Valheim’s multiplayer mode and its possibilities. Of course, it is much more fun to enjoy the game in company than to do it alone, although the experience varies and will depend on what each player wants to experience, of course.

Do you already understand a little better what Valheim is and the reason for its success? It is not an innovation and it takes elements that we have already seen in a multitude of video games over the last few years, but its personality and know-how has managed to penetrate the community and convince millions of users. Sometimes you just have to hit the key in a known world, and Iron Gate AB has clearly succeeded with this work. We will see how it evolves in the future and if it manages to be something more than an ephemeral fashion.