7 Nicolas Cage Movies That Make Us Confident He’ll Be Great As Joe Exotic


Depart a Remark

Nicolas Cage - Con Air

It was solely a matter of time earlier than Joe Exotic bought a biopic. The fascinating topic of Netflix’s immensely-popular docuseries, Tiger King, has sparked numerous curiosity within the former wildlife zoo operator’s wacky historical past. The larger-than-life media character was destined to be the supply of a Hollywood manufacturing — notably with a story full of medication, intercourse, wild animals, violence, weird real-life characters, and felony exercise galore, together with tried homicide. However who would play this gun-loving, mullet-rocking convicted felony? 

Many big-name actors had been steered. A number of others threw their hats into the ring. Now, we’ve a solution. As it was introduced final week, Nicolas Cage will grow to be Joe Exotic in an upcoming mini-series impressed by Exotic’s stranger-than-fiction story. It is definitely an impressed selection. The Academy Award-winning actor sometimes performs kooky, deviant characters, and a number of other performances show he has what it takes to play this wildly-publicized persona.

Nicolas Cage - Raising Arizona

Elevating Arizona

The Coen brothers are masters at making crime comedies primarily based on knuckleheads with overly-confident delusions of grandeur. One of many filmmaking duo’s earliest, quirkiest triumphs, 1987’s Elevating Arizona, allowed the acclaimed filmmaking staff to work with Nicolas Cage for the first-and-currently-only time, and it produced certainly one of his funniest, liveliest performances as H.I. “Hello” McDunnough, an ex-con in a childless relationship with an ex-cop who kidnap one quintuplet child from one other household, to hilariously disastrous outcomes. 

Whereas this felony idea might’ve been equally disastrous, the Coens undertake a broadly comedic tone, leading to certainly one of their silliest, most playful films. And Cage deserves quite a lot of credit score. His endearing efficiency, full of lughead allure, is immensely interesting, emboldening him to play up his goofier tendencies in a winningly rambunctious manner. If his tackle Joe Exotic can seize a equally radiant captivation, it’s going to be a surefire success.

Nicolas Cage - Mandy


Revenge flicks could be a dime a dozen for Nicolas Cage. He is aware of how you can play a person who needs to proper some wrongs, both actual injustices or perceived, however just a few (if many in any respect) seize the manic, majestic ecstasy of Mandy. This Sundance darling’s plot may be the form of film you’d anticipate from Cage’s Redbox choice. It follows a socially-isolated, but quietly peaceable, man who takes bloody revenge on a drug-addled hippie cult who brutally killed his lover. However the outcomes are splashy and sensationally gory, and thru its atmospheric presentation, dazzling visuals and mesmerizing rating, Mandy captures a radiantly, wondrously style-driven descent into insanity, with Cage’s devoted efficiency driving our vengeful protagonist’s emotional journey. What might’ve been one other throwback vigilante flick turns into a moody, memorable acid journey of a film with a wonderful Cage efficiency. Plus, it has a tiger. Coincidence? I believe not.

Tye Sheridan, Nicolas Cage - Joe

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In any case, it is within the identify. Sure, earlier than Nicolas Cage agreed to play Joe Exotic, he performed one other Joe altogether: particularly, the title character in David Gordon Inexperienced’s neglected 2013 crime drama, Joe. Centered round a tormented foreman who takes 15-year-old Gary Jones (Tye Sheridan) below his wing and protects him from his abusive father, Joe was a nuanced, compelling return to the understated performances that Cage as soon as left behind. 

Joe Ransom is a grounded, introspective character, permitting Cage to grow to be a properly honed character who showcases his positive dramatic vary. Even when crime elements into the story, Cage’s signature rage is intriguingly intuitive, extra internalized than bombastic. This intense drama reveals how Cage, even when he is in search of vengeance, can enable himself to be extra refined and reflective, which could not essentially issue into his Exotic efficiency, however it demonstrates the quieter indignation that this present will hopefully discover.

Nicolas Cage - Wild At Heart

Wild At Coronary heart

David Lynch and Nicolas Cage are a hell of a pair. The auteur and actor are a match made in heaven or hell. If you already know which, do not inform me. However they’ve solely made one film collectively, 1990’s romantic crime-comedy Wild at Coronary heart, which (expectedly) provides us a traditional Cage Rage efficiency. On this movie, Cage and Laura Dern play two lovers desperately on the run from each her domineering mom and the damaging males employed to killed Cage’s Sailor Ripley. The highway journey film finds Cage taking part in a Southern romantic outlaw who suits Cage’s model of passionate, but harmful, lovers. Actually, that fiery mixture of zeal and peril makes Sailor a simple comparability to Joe Exotic, who blended romance and danger into his each waking second. Whereas Sailor has a softer coronary heart than Exotic, his unwavering recklessness demonstrates that Cage is aware of how you can go… wild.

Nicolas Cage - Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call - New Orleans

Unhealthy Lieutenant: Port of Name — New Orleans

Even by Nicolas Cage’s requirements, Unhealthy Lieutenant: Port of Name — New Orleans is next-level insanity. Impressed by 1992’s Unhealthy Lieutenant, however neither a sequel nor prequel to that movie, the Werner Herzog film follows Cage as a corrupt New Orleans police sergeant in 2005 who indulges in all kinds of unsavory habits. Whether or not it is waving his gun at harmless civilians or consuming or snorting so many unlawful narcotics that he envisions iguanas and breakdancers inexplicably showing in his on a regular basis life, Unhealthy Lieutenant sees Cage at full blast, totally dedicated to taking part in this gun-waving, down-and-dirty officer of the regulation who does nearly every part in need of defending and serving the general public. It is an intensely insane efficiency, and we’d solely be so fortunate to see even a sliver of this deranged dedication to this character seem in his upcoming portrayal of Joe Exotic.

Nicolas Cage - Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas

In his Oscar-winning efficiency, Nicolas Cage performs Ben Sanderson, a suicidal alcoholic screenwriter who heads to Vegas to drink himself to demise. His habit has price him every part, and we watch Cage as he turns into a completely-broken character who’d relatively drink away his life than repair it. As you’d anticipate, it is a miserable, fittingly sober movie, full of morose reflections of a person unwilling to dig himself out of his rut and search therapy. What might’ve been an totally devastating film, nevertheless, turns into bleakly engrossing by Cage’s compellingly unhinged efficiency. It is somber-yet-invigorated, full of regret and tragedy, which reveals Cage’s unbridled dedication to his morally-unyielded characters. As many binge-friendly viewers know, Joe Exotic’s story carries a equally darkish fascination in Tiger King. Particularly by its conclusion, you are left in disbelieving awe at this maddeningly engrossing character. If anybody might seize that stability of repugnant fascination, it is Cage.

Nicolas Cage - Con Air

Con Air

Ludicrous although it may be, it is arduous to not be gained over by Con Air‘s watchable foolishness. With its foolish, cheeky, high-testosterone stylishness that’s undeniably a product of the late ’90s, this nonsenical action-thriller won’t be the smartness or most rational film you will ever see, however it’s a delightfully dim-witted dude flick that you could simply get pleasure from along with your buddies. Seize a bunch of beers and it will slap an enormous, goofy grin onto your face. The entire ensemble does a great job committing to the bit, however it’s finally Cage’s Southern-fried main man flip that basically captures the allure of this buffoonish blockbuster, with this self-aware flip offering no scarcity of wacky enjoyable on this Jerry Bruckheimer manufacturing. This absurdly nonsenical movie looks as if a great gateway for Cage’s Joe Exotic. Above all else, it certifies one factor: Cage can rock a hell of a mullet.

Nicolas Cage - Army of One

Bonus: Military Of One

Admittedly, Military of One is a woefully horrible satire with an impressively dangerous efficiency from Nicolas Cage. Suffice to say, it would not give us confidence in his Tiger King portrayal. However this true story, loosely primarily based on a building employee who thought God wished him to single-handedly kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, provides Cage certainly one of his wackiest, goofiest performances in latest reminiscence. It is not essentially good, however it’s simple to see how parts of this true-life character may issue into his Joe Exotic. Particularly, Cage’s full willingness to immerse himself into a personality — regardless of how foolish and crass — suggests he’ll play Exotic will complete reckless abandonment. He will not be afraid to relish probably the most absurdist facets of Joe’s wild-and-out persona. And Military Of One proves that Cage can confidently stroll round with an arsenal of weapons, which is able to come in useful.

Are you trying ahead to seeing Nicolas Cage’s tackle Joe Exotic? What’s your favourite Nic Cage efficiency? Tell us within the feedback!



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