7 Of The Best Punjabi Netflix Movies And TV Shows


7 Of The Best Punjabi Netflix Movies And TV Shows:

You can enjoy the exciting world of Punjabi movies from the comfort of your own home as we show you the best Punjabi Netflix movies and shows. Punjabi theater has made its mark on the world stage with a mix of culture, feelings, and a bit of Bollywood style.

With these carefully chosen films, we take you on a trip across countries, combining heartwarming stories, foot-tapping music, and that recognizable Punjabi energy.

There’s something for everyone in this collection, whether you like funny songs, dramatic songs, or just bhangra sound tracks. One screen at a time, let’s honor the spirit of Punjab.


Because of its gripping story, emotional depth, and great acting, “Qismat” stands out as a great Punjabi movie. It skillfully tells a moving story of love, heartbreak, as well as fate that hits home with viewers.

The movie honestly looks at complicated human feelings, so a lot of people can relate to it. It’s about Shiva, a young man, as well as Bani, a lively girl, whose lives take strange turns as they try to figure out love and fate.

Director Jagdeep Sidhu does a great job with the project, giving the story a sincere and sensitive feel. Qismat is an emotional masterpiece in Punjabi film, thanks in large part to the outstanding work of Ammy Virk as well as Sargun Mehta.

White Hill Studios put out Qismat all over the world on September 21, 2018. Although most critics gave the movie good reviews, some said Virk’s performance was his best at the time, and others said it was too long.

The movie made US$3.9 million in ticket sales during its more than 50-day run in theaters. The movie was one of the most successful Punjabi movies of all time as well as the second most successful Punjabi movie of 2018. The movie won the award for Best Film Award at the 9th PTC Punjabi Film Awards. It was also up for Best Film at the Brit Asia Film Awards and the PTC Awards.

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Guddiyan Patole:

With great direction by Vijay Kumar Arora, “Guddiyan Patole” is a great Punjabi movie that explores culture and shows how families work together. The story takes place when two lively Canadian Punjabi girls go on a trip to the country where their ancestors came from. When they get there, they find a fun mix of technology and custom.

This movie is unique because it manages to combine fun and sadness in a way that everyone can relate to. The movie has about a 25% attendance rate at the box office and made about 0.30 crore on its first day running.

From the second day it came out, the movie made about 0.40 cents. The script and the funny parts of the movie look like they will be a hit with everyone. You may ask us anything in the comments if you need to. The funny parts of the Punjabi movie Guddiyan Patole are hard to miss.

‘Guddiyan Patole’ is a feel-good movie that easily brings people of different generations and countries together thanks to its talented cast, which includes Sonam Bajwa, Gurnam Bhullar, as well as Nirmal Rishi.


Soorma, an Indian historical sports drama movie from 2018, is based upon the life of hockey player Sandeep Singh. The three main characters in the movie are played by Diljit Dosanjh, Angad Bedi, as well as Taapsee Pannu. The movie was directed by Shaad Ali and produced through Sony Pictures Networks India as well as C.S. Films.

The movie came out in cinemas upon July 13, 2018. The movie Soorma made 470 million dollars around the world, even though it only cost 310 million dollars to make. Soorma is one of the greatest Punjabi movies upon Netflix because it did well at the box office and with critics.

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Soorma didn’t do very well at the box office. On its first day within India, it made ₹3.20 crores. On its second day, it made over ₹5.05 crores, which is a 57.81% increase. After two days, it has now made ₹8.25 crore. After the second day, it went up and reached ₹5.60 crores on the third day.

The movie made ₹2 crores on the fourth day and ₹1.94 crores on the fifth day, for a total of ₹17.79 crores. It made ₹1.77 crores on the sixth day. The total amount of money that Soorma made in the first week was ₹21.21 crores. On day 8, after day 7, it made ₹1.65 crores, as well as on day 9, it only made ₹85 lakhs.

But on its 10th day, it went up and made about ₹1.60 crores. And on its 11th day, it did well at the box office as well as made about ₹2.10 crores. It made ₹2.45 crores from the 12th to the 15th day.


“Kohrra,” an exciting Indian Punjabi-language show on Netflix directed by the great Sudip Sharma, is a crime story that goes beyond normal limits. The plot starts with the strange death of a groom-to-be just days before his wedding. This sets the stage for an exciting story.

Two committed police officers have to figure out this complicated case while their personal lives are in chaos. They have to walk a fine line between doing what’s right and protecting themselves.

Bravo to Barun Sobti, Harleen Sethi, Suvinder Vicky, Saurav Khurana, Rachel Shelley, as well as Manish Chaudhary for bringing their characters to life on screen and making “Kohrra” an interesting show that you should not miss.

Mahi NRI:

Mera Mahi NRI was a realistic, multicultural comedy-drama about the life of a student “freshie.” It takes place mostly in Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest city. A “freshie” is someone from the subcontinent who just moved to the UK and doesn’t know much about how things work here.

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To make his girlfriend’s mother happy, Sherry wants to become an NRI. She thinks that her daughter should only date a boy from Britain, so the movie follows him as he tries to become one.


In 2016, Wonderland Amusement Parks Pvt. Ltd. made a Punjabi movie called Lakeeran. The lead parts are played by Yuvika Chaudhary and Harman Virk. Gurinder Rai, Shivendra Mahal, B.N. Sharma, as well as Nirmal Rishi are in minor roles.

This is a copy of the Hindi movie Tum Bin. In it, a man kills another guy by accident in Greece. When he goes to India, he sees a widow whose husband additionally died there. They love each other. If you’re making a list of the 10 best Punjabi movies upon Netflix, you should include Lakeeran.

High Class Yaariyaan:

“High End Yaariyaan” is a 2019 Indian comedy-drama movie in the Punjabi language that was directed through Pankaj Batra. The movie’s main actors are Jassie Gill, Ranjit Bawa, as well as Ninja.

The movie is about Jassie, Ranjit, as well as Ninja, three friends who have been together since they were kids and can’t live without each other. They’re carefree guys who love to have fun, but when they get caught up in a love triangle, their sense of well-being is threatened.

Through the ups and downs of romantic and romantic relationships, the three friends learn valuable lessons about friendship and how important it is to be there for each other no matter what. People will enjoy this movie because it’s a funny story about friendship and the difficulties of finding love.

The show “High End Yaariyaan” did well with viewers and was a financial hit. The acting, direction, and music were all praised, and it was one of the biggest hits in Punjabi movies of 2019. The music to the movie was also very famous, with a number of hit songs.