7 Stupid Things That The MCU’s Most Famous Characters Did


7 Stupid Things That The MCU’s Most Famous Characters Did:

The majority of the time, we respect Marvel heroes for being brave and strong, but sometimes we don’t understand their choices and question their logic and thinking.

Even though the MCU wouldn’t be as exciting and uncertain as it is without questionable choices, let’s look back at these dumb choices that made us groan.

The brave individuals of the MCU save the day with their amazing abilities and unbreakable will. But knowledge is also very important. Some of these heroes have made some pretty dumb choices over the duration of the MCU because they are not perfect.

Fans has picked out some of the best examples of how even the Avengers don’t always do the right thing.

Whether it was because of ego or because they were trying to do the right thing but made the wrong choice, these choices made many MCU fans wonder what these individuals were really thinking.

But it’s not only the brave individuals who have trouble making smart choices. Many of the bad guys, government leaders, and other people in the story do stupid things.

Anyone in this universe can be stupid. Any living thing, whether it’s a person, an alien, or something else, can let their lack of skill get in the way of their plans and goals.

Lucky for us, the MCU’s bad choices give these movies the color and heart they need. We like that each character has their own problems to deal with.

We’re refusing to let them living with their stupid decisions, though. Read on to see a full list of some of the most stupid choices made in the MCU as well as decide for you if they are stupid.

Star-Lord’s Outburst Of Emotion:

Within Avengers: Infinity War, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes go up against Thanos, who is their most dangerous enemy to date. Thanos wants to get each of the six infinity stones to employ them to kill half of the world’s people and bring back what he calls “balance.”

Every hero in the MCU works together to stop him. This leads to a fight on Titan, where the heroes confuse Thanos so that Mantis can take him down while Peter Parker as well as Tony Stark try to take the armor off Thanos’ arm that holds the Infinity Stones.

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Even though half of the world is in danger, Peter Quill can only think about Gamora, who Thanos took and killed earlier within the movie. When Quill learns out that Gamora has disappeared, he loses his mind and hits Thanos more than once.

Thanos’s weak link to Mantis is broken by Quill’s punch. This lets Thanos get his power back, fight off the heroes, get another Infinity Stone, as well as disappear.

Because of what Quill does, half of the universe is destroyed. The heroes had a chance to get the upper hand, but Quill did something stupid and ruined it.

He was hurt and acted out when he lost the love of his existence, but why couldn’t he see the bigger picture? Thanos was not hurt by his punches.

Gamora wasn’t going to come back with his punches. All that Quill did was let Thanos get away and cause trouble on Earth. It’s such a stupid choice that it hurts to think about it.

Loki Finds A Way For Hela To Get Into Asgard:

Loki was the initial bad guy to go after the Avengers, but he has learned that there are more severe bad guys around the world. In Thor: Ragnarok, when Loki meets Hela, he doesn’t want to fight, so he quickly calls up the Bifrost to get away.

But Hela can go with him through the Bifrost, which is her way into Asgard. Loki made a mistake by letting her into Asgard, because she gets her power from there. This makes it easy for her to take the throne for herself.

Gamora Follows Thanos:

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos beat the heroes partially because they made so many bad choices. Gamora was one of the characters who should take some of the blame because she rushed after Thanos and ended up being taken prisoner by him.

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Even though it’s reasonable that she wants to get back at her foster father, she additionally understands that he needs a Soul Stone to finish his task since she was the sole individual who knew where it is.

Gamora should have made it her top goal to stay as far away from him as much possible, considering what was at stake.

Captain America Is Used As A Mascot:

Within Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers goes through Dr. Erskine’s process and turns into a Super Soldier. He is the second person to do this, but he is the only one who is successful.

Rogers doesn’t get to show off his new powers right away, though, because a German spy strikes the lab, kills Dr. Erskine, and gets away with the final drop of the Super Soldier medicine.

Rogers goes after the bad guy, showing off speed, quickness, and power that no other man can match. Rogers shows that he has some real skills, but his bosses still make him an entertainer instead of a fighter.

They put him within the United Service Organizations and distributed him all over the country to perform singing numbers and sell war bonds using his newfound fame.

Steve Rogers was the first Super Soldier to do a good job. He was made specifically to be a special tool for the US military and change the course of WWII.

After Erskine dies, though, everyone agrees that Rogers would be better off as a performer, where none of his various abilities would be wasted. It makes no sense to do this.

Why would you turn a person into a weapon before you make them sing and dance? It’s a waste of beneficial abilities, Rogers’s ability, and everyone’s time.

Tony Stark Tells Everyone Where He Lives:

Tony Stark is considered to be one of the greatest characters within the MCU, but he is also stubborn, which can make him make some very bad choices. When he addressed The Mandarin in public, he made a risky decision that put both himself and others within danger.

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After his friend Happy was almost killed during a suspected bombing, Tony walks on TV to call out the terrorist and additionally gives out his own address. Tony’s house is attacked, as expected, and not only Tony but also Pepper come close to dying.

A Missile Is Fired At Manhattan By The World Security Council:

In The Avengers, Loki gets the Chitauri to assist him take over Earth. To stop him, the greatest superheroes in the world work together. But they can’t stop Dr. Selvig from making a doorway to the Chitauri home planet, which lets the aliens invade Manhattan.

Even though the army looks scary and almost impossible to beat, the World Security Council, whose only job is to keep people safe, decides almost right away to fire an atomic bomb at Manhattan, killing millions of people to stop the Chitauri attack.

How could that be the right choice? The Chitauri are a new enemy that the Avengers have just started to fight.

They are still working on putting a plan together. Before they can figure out if they may prevent the invasion without killing a huge number of people, the council chooses to kill millions of individuals out of worry that the invasion are going to get worse.

Even though it should be the last resort, the council’s first choice is to use an atomic weapon. With that kind of leadership, it’s no wonder that the lives of people are always in danger.

Doctor Strange Drives Carelessly And Gets In An Accident:

The main character, a doctor who became a magician, may be a genius at medicine as well as magic, but he doesn’t always make the best decisions.

Steven Strange drives late at night on a curvy road in the rain while talking on his phone before he is put upon the path of studying the magical arts.

He has to get into an accident, which ruins both of his hands. After fixing up people hurt in car accidents, you’d think a surgeon could understand directly what happens when people drive carelessly.