86 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


86 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

86 is a television anime series based on the same-named light book serial by Asato Asato & Shirabii. The series adaptation was announced during a livestream commemorating Kadokawa’s “Kimirano” light novel website’s one anniversary on March 15, 2020.

This was produced by A-1 Pictures with direction by Toshimasa Ishii, with texts composed by Toshiya No, characters developed by Tetsuya Kawakami, with music by Hiroyuki Sawano with Kohta Yamamoto. Shirogumi is the author of the CG.

The series’ premiere, which was initially planned for 2020, has been delayed indefinitely. The anime consists of two episodes, the first of which will be shown on Tokyo MX along with other networks from April 11 until June 20, 2021.

One of the finest mecha anime to be released after a while was the anime 86-Eighty Six. The anime was jam-packed with qualities that impressed its viewers right away, from the action to the narrative.

We are immersed in moving emotional situations and intriguing story twists rather than hard-core military battles and large character designs.

86 highlights the ugliness of society while addressing real-world concerns with elements of fiction. Questions are posed to us that cause us to reevaluate what it is to be human and what he means to act morally.

Fans are utterly enamoured with the series due to how intellectual and stimulating the anime is.

The show just came to an end, but what about Season 2 of 86-Eighty-Six? The anime’s continued existence is wonderful news.

With drawings by Shirabii, Japanese light novelist Asato Asato produced the “86 Eighty Six” military science-fiction series.

The light novel “86: Eighty-Six,” which was first released in 2017 by ASCII Digital Works and distributed in the US by Yen Press, has won several awards.

This includes taking first place in the 2016 23rd Dengeki Novel Prize Competition. The book series’ own manga adaptation debuted in 2018.

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The worldwide premiere of an anime adaption created by A-1 Films will be taking place in 2021. Soon after the series’ first airing, an English dub was released.

86 Season 2 Release Date

86: Season 2 will debut on October 2, 2021, during the autumn 2021 anime season. The second season will be released in four Blu-ray/DVD packages, each including all 12 episodes.

The choice to delay the last two seasons of the initial season of 86: Eighty-Six infuriated the neighbourhood.

However, as it became clear that the shutdown was required to safeguard the exceptional quality, public opinion began to shift.

It’s interesting to notice that up until this moment, this was the anime series’ overall rating overall public opinion tale.

The animated film series 86 Eighty-Six quickly shot to the very top of the compilation of the most popular new programmes of the year after a mediocre start to its airing.

The series is now rated an outstanding 9/10 on RatinGraph and 8.2/10 on IMDB, with Part 1 receiving an 8.2/10 from 217,000 reviews & Part 2 receiving an 8.47/10 with 54,000 reviews on MyAnimeList.

As one fan noted on MyAnimeList, the word “masterpiece” is used so often lately that it almost no longer has any real meaning.

However, they continue, “Eighty-Six: 86 is a classic in the truest sense in the word as well as one of the best stories in the contemporary history of the medium.”

86 Season 2 Cast

The core group of characters in “86 Eighty Six” form the backbone of the show. Lena’s long-distance relationship with Spearhead (played by Ikumi Hasegawa and Suzie Yeung in English) provides an opportunity to examine the bond between Colorata and Alba.

Although she initially supports the Colorata at the start of the series, as it progresses she comes to appreciate their suffering as warriors and second-class citizens. She has a particularly close bond with Spearhead Captain Shin “Undertaker” Nouzen (Shouya Chiba/Billy Kametz), in this regard.

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These two, however, make up a very modest portion of Spearhead’s overall composition. Theoto Rikka (Natsumi Fujiwara and Casey Mongillo), Anju Emma (Saori Hayami and Maureen Prince), Raiden Shuga (Seichir Yamashita and Jonah Scott), and Kurena Kukumila (Sayami Suzushiro and Erica Mendez) are more key members who could appear in the second semester. Even said, this group still only makes up a small portion of the Spearhead army, and when Lena is about to meet the newest Spearhead recruits, the cast will continue to expand.

86 Season 2 Trailer

86 Season 2 Plot

Spearhead had completed the first round of “86 Eighty Six” and made significant progress towards their goal.

They were ordered to advance into Legion territory unless every one of them was slain in combat.

In actuality, the unit tends to be in a capital offence for anyone 86, as the name for Coloratas who are nearing the conclusion of their military duty is known.

By the time the first course is through, the spearhead that we are familiar with is isolated behind enemy lines and only one functioning Juggernaut.

One more fight has left the fate of several members unclear, with only Shin’s survival being known. Lena is now waiting for Spearhead’s replacements to show up.

A-1 Pictures continues to have plenty of material to work with to complete the first season of the programme even if just half of the “86 Eighty Six” comic has been adapted.

Later scenes from “86 Eighty Six” see Lena following following the footsteps that led to the original Spearhead, according to the summary posted on MyAnimeList.

Even though it seems that part of the group is still alive, their issue has not yet been resolved.

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When the following season of “86 Eighty Six” debuts in October, it will be examined if and how the show’s protagonists manage to live another day.

The conflict between the Republic of San Magnolia with the Empire of Giad has been going on for nine years.

After suffering catastrophic losses at the hands of the Empire’s autonomous mechanised Legions, the Republic has lately developed its own autonomous units, known as Juggernauts, that are remotely commanded by a handler.

While the general public first believes that the battle is being fought between machines, the Juggernauts are being piloted by individuals who are all “86”—the designation given for the Colorata minority in San Magnolia.

The 86 were first granted equal rights, but after being persecuted and exploited as a scapegoat by the dominant Alba race as the Alba-supremacist Republic government, the Colorata came to be seen both legally and socially as below human.

The 86 were forced to take part in the Republic’s war against the Empire in return for better treatment, interned in camps in their 86th District (which retains their name), and refused the ability to acquire personal names.

Major Vladilena “Lena” Milizé, a member of the San Mongolian military and an aristocrat from Alba, has been a prominent critic of the Republic government’s purposeful disinformation campaigns and the appalling treatment of the Colorata minority in the nation.

She has been tasked with managing the Spearhead Squadron from the Eastern Front, a prestigious squad composed entirely of 86 veterans with illustrious names. Shinei “The Undertaker” Nouzen is the commander of the infamous Spearhead Squadron.

Because of the state in which the commanding officers were left, the squad is infamous: The handlers in control of the squad have developed mental illnesses, and some have even committed suicide.