9 Hot Packaging Design Trends for 2020


Keeping your business looking up-to-date is critical, and the first thing people see is packaging. Here are 9 2020 packaging design trends you need to use!

Packaging—it’s one of the first things we notice when browsing for products in a store.

Does your product stand out? No matter what you’re selling, there’s likely to be many competitors with similar products.

If you want your product to get noticed, you need the right packing. Whether you’re launching a new product or rebranding an existing one, it’s time to think about the hottest 2020 packaging design trends.

They can give your product a modern, appealing look, and may help increase sales. So, what are the biggest packaging design trends in 2020? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Minimalism

Minimalism is a look that we see continuing as part of the packaging design trends of 2020.

Brands want simple, clean packaging that clearly displays their logo and the contents on the product. This is especially true with so many brands turning to influencer advertising on social media—the packaging needs to be obvious at a quick glance in regards to what the brand is and what they’re selling.

Minimalist design is timeless, elegant, and has a strong appeal with both male and female consumers.

  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging are one of the biggest 2020 brand design trends—and one we hope will continue for years to come.

Sadly, packaging waste is still a huge problem, with containers and packaging making up 29% of solid waste. Customers have started to notice this and are now preferring to support companies who have more sustainable business practices.

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Using biodegradable packaging is a good choice for many brands, or using the least amount of packaging, such as bars of soap that don’t need plastic coverings.

Eco-friendly packaging not only looks great, but also helps the planet. Switching to sustainable packaging may have a higher initial cost than other packaging methods, but it can help your profits over time as you attract new customers.

  1. Transparent Food and Drink Packaging

We are seeing a lot of transparent food and drink packaging. This allows the customer to easily see what’s inside, such as the color of a smoothie or the freshness of the food.

Transparency can also be used in beauty and skin-care products, allowing the product itself to be the star of the show.

  1. Iridescent Colors

Brands are looking for something eye-catching and stylish that will help their product stand out in a crowded market.

To achieve this, you can’t go wrong with holograms or iridescent colors. Shiny, metallic designs, especially those that change as light reflects, are really popular and have strong appeal with the younger demographics.

To try out this packaging design solution, find a designer who can work with your company to bring your ideas to life.

  1. Earth-Inspired Design

Similar to the sustainability packaging trend, earth-inspired designs are also popular. Think neutral colors, such as beige and tans, gentle florals, and soft blues, yellows, and greens.

We are seeing this trend being used in the organic food, drink, and beauty fields, as a way of demonstrating to the customer that the company has a commitment to using natural materials.

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If you are using earth packaging, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s recyclable and sustainable as well.

  1. Retro Looks

Everything old is new again, and we are seeing a lot of retro-inspired packaging in 2020.

People are drawn to objects that invoke a nostalgic feel or remind them of their childhood, so retro packaging can work well, if done right.

Neon colors, old-fashioned text, and designs that invoke decades gone past can work well for a wide range of products. You can even combine retro styles with more modern design elements for a futuristic-retro look, which is sure to stand out.

  1. Pastels

In package design trends for 2020, we are still seeing a lot of pastels. In 2019, the Pantone color of the year was Living Coral, and we are still seeing a lot of this pink hue in design.

Pastels, such as pinks, blues, turquoise, and greens, are eye-catching but also soft. Pastels can work well on a wide range of packaging, including toys, beauty products, food, and drinks.

  1. Intricate Detail

Maximalism, or intricate, complex designs, is an interesting packaging trend. It uses detail, patterns, and graphic design, combined with bright, saturated colors.

Repeating patterns, detailed illustration or imagery, or black and white geometric designs are all examples of maximalism that you may want to try.

These designs really stand out, as customers look at them closely to see the details of the design. It’s a popular trend in the luxury market and can be used for food, alcohol, and homewares.

  1. Non-Traditional Package Design

Innovation is always going to be popular with packaging design. If you can market and style your product in a way that’s unique from your competitors, it’s sure to stand out.

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The sky’s the limit when it comes to non-traditional design, but you may want to consider the shape of the packaging, or its texture, color, or branding.

However, complex packaging may cost more to produce, which can eat into your profit margin. But, the right design may also help increase your sales.

Which of These 2020 Packaging Design Trends Will You Try?

With so many 2020 packaging design trends to try, brands have a wealth of options to consider. The right packaging can make or break the sale of a new product, so it’s something that requires a great deal of thought, plus some trial and error.

Get started today by brainstorming with your marketing team, taking into consideration some of the popular trends mentioned above.

Before you know it, you’ll have found the right look and feel for your product and you’ll start seeing it fly off the shelves!

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