9 years ago, on the runway of Kozhikode, expressed concern, the aviation experts had said this


Mumbai: In 2011, an expert in the aviation sector warned that in the event of wind blowing in the direction of the aircraft landing in rain on Runway-10 of Kodikode Airport, passengers’ lives may be in danger. Kozhikode Airport of Kerala comes under the Airports Authority of India (AAI). This airport has a tabletop runway. Also Read – Captain Deepak Sathe was a gentleman and an excellent pilot: Retired Navy Commander Sam T. Samuel

Captain Mohan Ranganathan had written a letter to the then Civil Aviation Secretary Nasim Zaidi in June 2011 expressing his concern about this airstrip. Ranganathan was then a member of the operational group in the Civil Aviation Safety Advisory Committee (CASAC). Also Read – 20 dead bodies recovered from landslide location in Kerala; Search for missing persons continues

An Air India Express plane crashed at Kozhikode Airport on Friday, killing 18 people, including two pilots. Ranganathan’s warning becomes very important in view of this accident. A Boeing 737-800 plane from Dubai crashed from the runway in heavy rain and split into two. Also Read – Kerala aircraft accident: Kerala CM announces compensation after Union aviation minister, Rs 10 lakh will be given to relatives of deceased

In the letter, Ranganathan had said, “If pilots are prepared to land in a rain and favorable air condition despite the danger, then their understanding of how to prevent an accident while landing is very weak.” “

Ranganathan wrote this letter after the 2010 Air India Express plane crashed at Mangalore Airport. 158 people were killed in this accident. Ranganathan wrote, “The flights landing in favorable wind conditions in the rain on runway 10 are going to endanger the lives of passengers.” In such a situation, the angle or direction of the aircraft may be affected while landing.

Kozhikode Airport of Kerala comes under the Airports Authority of India (AAI). This airport has a tabletop runway. Information about what action was taken at that time on Ranganathan’s letter could not be found.

Let me tell you that flight number IX1344, operated from Dubai by Air India Express B737, slipped from the runway at Kozhikode at 7.41 pm on Friday evening. In this plane accident, the plane was divided into two pieces. The aircraft carried 184 passengers, including 10 newborns, two pilots and four crew members. At least 18 people have died in this accident. Both the pilots of the aircraft have also died.


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