9INV307- The Benefits of Video Marketing for your Business


According to statistics, videos generate maximum shares on digital platforms as compared to images and texts combined. If your brand can develop visual marketing content for the intended users, it can significantly impact your business. Videos act as a powerful addition for your overall digital marketing strategies and can also increase the platforms’ conversion rates. If you are still unsure how marketing through videos can work for you, follow through this article and learn how you can leverage it for your business to have an edge over your contemporaries.

Why do you need to have a Marketing Strategy for your Business?

Videos are an integral part of concise content strategies as they are snack-sized, memorable, and, most importantly, measurable. Videos are not just the components of a digital platform suitable for those who crave engaging and short pieces of content; rather, they are the prerequisites that align with every marketer’s desirable format. They can educate audiences about complex business concepts, enable users to share stories with brands about their experiences with their products and services, and encourage marketing-specific processes like subscriptions, trials, demos, and many more. This is why most digital marketing experts have made innovative videos on top of their marketing strategy tips and you can access it here.

Apart from videos’ unique ability to get leads like no other medium, they can also drive maximum traffic and audience to a platform. Videos enable platforms to track and analyze their audience engagement in a meaningful manner. You can easily tie your platform-specific marketing strategies to the deals and offers that can influence users. If implemented accurately, the platforms can also understand the assets that resonate with their video marketing strategies based on the content engagement analysis.

The Benefits of using Videos for Marketing

Apart from being feature-rich visual media, videos have abundant features and perks for you to make it a part of your upcoming digital strategies. Simply put, videos are a medium to tell a compelling and valuable story to users. It indulges high-performance statistics and highlights why companies are taking advantage of videos for their business. Let us walk you through the benefits of the same-

  • Growth Revenue

According to the latest statistics, digital marketers relying on videos can increase their company revenue by around 50% faster than the platforms that are not aligning with this technology. Business ROI can be increased by using visual marketing strategies. For ensuring the growth of a platform, it is essential to ensure brand exposure, along with offering user-friendliness to potential customers. For instance, you can offer them a wide variety of choices for the video content they consume on your platform.

  • Influencing Customer Decisions

A whopping 85% of users claim that visual marketing for products or services facilitates purchase-related decision-making. Many users claim that watching a video about a product or a service makes them more likely to purchase the same. 

  • Offer What Users Desire

Across different businesses and industries, users prefer visual content over newsletters, emails, social videos, messages, downloadable content, blogs, etc. While purchasing a product or services, users access several methods to get product insights. Some of the highly preferred tactics include search engine results where they keep learning about a company or their services, go through their reviews, and watch videos. Videos can easily be integrated into every segment to highlight the brand and convince users to become customers.

  • Rank Higher in the Search Results

Videos help brands to improve their website ranking on the Search Engine Page Results. The total amount of time a user spent on your digital platform after arriving from the search results can influence your business. Videos are incredibly important and easily bump into the metric of increasing search result visibility. You can make meaningful and crisp videos to raise your platform’s likelihood to be ranked on the first page of the Google search results.

  • Get More Backlinks and Increase Traffic

If you can embed perfect videos or posts onto your online platforms, it can double your average visitors and customers. The users who prefer videos over any other type of content enjoy more traffic from the same source than the nonusers. They also provide higher conversion rates and click-through rates for online businesses. You can use videos on your product landing page to increase your platform conversion rates.

The Most Effective Marketing Trends of 2020

If you have a general understanding of the latest trends in video marketing from the blog here, you can develop a cornerstone for your marketing strategies. The trends have been detailed below:

  • Majority of the audience prefers video as compared to photos or text:– Most users prefer videos, and you can use videos in your marketing strategies. They are also responsible for most of the conversions and lead generation for businesses because several buyers do not like the idea of talking to salespeople; rather, they prefer simple explanations or engaging videos.
  • Video Content Quality is Extremely Important- For any product or service, the video content quality is the game-changer. Any drawbacks in the product quality or the technical aspect of products can easily be superimposed with specially created videos. Excellent product quality is often correlated with customers’ trust, but it doesn’t provide enough substance.
  • Storytelling will Help you in the Long Run– With the help of videos, users can easily understand the facts or instructions that come with a product instead of going through papers or leaflets. The presentation flow in videos can engage users and help them understand the product or service description.

The Bottom Line

In the present digital space, videos are among the most preferred forms of digital marketing strategies as they deliver maximum business results. It is not going away anytime soon, and it makes absolute sense to use videos as a strategy in the impersonal online world. The potential users often crave for an active connection or platform engagement, and by integrating the best marketing strategies, you can get closer to your audience and offer them a glimpse of your products and services.


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