A 210-Kilogram Weight That The Trainer Was Trying To Lift Fell On His Neck, killed Him


A 210-Kilogram Weight That The Trainer Was Trying To Lift Fell On His Neck, killed Him:

A hammer that Justyn Vicky, an Indonesian fitness guru who was 33 years old, was trying to lift broke his neck. On the fifteenth of July Channel News Asia said that he was hurt while working out at a gym within Bali, Indonesia.

Justyn Vicky can be seen in a film that went popular on social media doing a squat press with the hammer on his shoulders at the Paradise Bali gym. Channel News Asia says that after he squats, he can’t seem to stand up straight.

According to the Bali Express, the weight jerked Vicky’s head forward, breaking his neck as well as putting pressure on the nerves that run to his heart and lungs.

He Tried To Hold The Weight But He Fell Back And Sat Down And Barbell Fell On The Neck:

As he attempted to hold the load, he fell back and sat down, and the barbell fell upon the back of his neck.

During the event, Justyn Vicky’s watcher seems to lose his balance as well as falls backwards with him. A helper is someone who helps and supports you when you’re moving weights.

He Is Preforming  Squat Pushes:

The celebrity was doing squat pushes with the help of a helper when, according to the outlet, the bar fell forward and hit him on the neck.

Then, he was taken to the hospital right away, where he had emergency surgery, but he died. Soon after that, Paradise Bali put up a post about Justyn and how he changed the exercise world.

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The bodybuilder, who had almost 30,000 followers on Instagram, died while trying to stretch his legs while holding a 450-pound barbell over his shoulders and being watched by a helper.

The barbell fell on the squatter’s neck when Vicky couldn’t hold it up anymore. The squatter was unable to lift the heavy weight back up, as reported by The Daily Mail.

The late exercise fanatic posted a video of himself performing back squats alongside barbells that got heavier as he went along: 374 lbs, 418 lbs, and finally, 440 lbs.

In the video, he is helped through coach Bren Leasel, who lifts the weights behind Vicky to keep her safe. The celebrity shared a recording from another account that says the workout is “one of its most dangerous.”

Vicky’s last social media post before he died was a video of him jumping into an ice bath. In the comments, he wrote about how good it was for him. Under the video, fans wrote about how sad they were.

“Justyn wasn’t just an expert on exercise he was a constant source of inspiration, drive, and support. We were truly moved by his contagious energy and sincere desire to help people change their lives.

“He became a vital component of our fitness journeys as well as our gym family through his many workouts, words of motivation, as well as caring guidance,” the note from the gym said.

“Working out with Justyn never felt like just exercise. He made a safe place where we felt comfortable pushing ourselves physically and mentally.

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His trust in our abilities pushed us to go beyond our limits, giving us the power to find new strength and resolve in ourselves.

People have said nice things about Justyn Vicky since he died. In an Instagram post, the club where he worked, Paradise Bali, called Vicky a “beacon of inspiration, motivation, as well as unwavering support,” Channel News Asia reported.

“He was constantly full of good energy, which kept me going. I’ll never forget what he did to help me get fit. “It’s hard to lose him, but we’ll continue to keep his memory alive,” wrote a fan. Another person said, “Rest in peace it was difficult to hear that.”

“To our dear Justyn, your influence on our lives was immeasurable,” the message said. “Your legacy will continue to pass on through the many lives you’ve changed, the changes you’ve inspired, as well as the affection and dedication that you brought to every moment we shared together.”