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A Barcelona idol advised Lionel Messi to go to PSG and set off the alarms

Messi ends his contract at the end of the season and could go free to any club (Reuters)
Messi ends his contract at the end of the season and could go free to any club (Reuters)

Barcelona will decide its future president in the elections that are scheduled for the first days of March but that could be brought forward to the last weekend of February. Meanwhile speculation about what can happen to Lionel Messi It is the main focus of attention of the fans and the candidates themselves who must seduce the Argentine with a football project that invites him to continue at the club. Otherwise, the Ten could pack up and set off on a new course.

Among the handful of clubs fighting to get signed Messi, and who have an economic structure to face their salary, highlights the París Saint-Germain (PSG), whose sports director, Leonardo, confirmed this week that the interest exists: “Great players like Messi will always be on the PSG list. But, of course, this is not the time to talk about it or dream about it, “he told the magazine. France Football. “But we are sitting at the great table of those who are closely following the matter”, assured.

Now, the one who spoke was none other than Rivaldo, who wore the Barça colors between 1997 and 2002. The former striker was not afraid to advise the Rosario and recommend that he leave the Catalan team: “The PSG would be a good option, an ideal destination for Messi. First, because it is a very well structured club. But it is also that he would play with Neymar in a league, the French, in which Messi sure would shine without problems. It has a little less level than La Liga or the Premier, so it could be physically managed and then face the commitments of Champions”.

The ambassador of Betfair He insisted: “PSG is one of those few clubs that could pay Messi a salary like the one he has now and would also help a lot to the growth of Ligue 1, which has been losing strength in recent years against the Bundesliga or the Serie TO. I think Messi has enough reasons to say yes to PSG’s offer “.

Messi is wanted by the PSG (EFE)
Messi is wanted by the PSG (EFE)

It is worth remembering that MLS, American league, and the Manchester City, are two others that bid for La Pulga. But for Rivaldo It is clear that he must move to Paris to join the team that has the Champions League as an obsession.

In turn, the Brazilian who won four trophies with Barcelona, ​​defended Messi after his expulsion in the final of the Spanish Super Cup against Athletic Bilbao: “I have read a lot about that expulsion: if he is tired and frustrated with the club situation, with himself … but I don’t see it that way. We all have a bad day and sometimes we lose our temper. Messi is not an alien, he has feelings and it is normal that something like this has happened to him. But that’s it, I wouldn’t give it more importance. These are things that sometimes happen on the dot. No need to seek three legs on a cat”.

For that aggression in the duel that was defeated by 3 to 2 of his team, he will serve two punishment games and will not be able to play the duel against him. Cornellá for the 16th final of the Copa del Rey and the duel in front of Elche for the 20th date of the League from Spain. The controversial play took place 118 minutes into that duel that ended up crowning the Bilbao club as champion. The match judge had to resort to Video Arbitration Assistance (VAR) to be able to visualize the maneuver again, since Messi and Assier Villalibre were not in his visual field. Finally, he made the decision to show the red one.

It was not one more action in Messi’s career within the Blaugrana: it was the first red card in 754 matches with the Catalan club’s jersey. It should be noted that the punishment is in tune with similar actions this season that had Charles del Pontevedra and Grego Sierra del Sabadell as protagonists.


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