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A basketball player said in an open letter that he is gay: “This is also for me, so that I can live free of this burden.”

The Swiss Marco Lehmann confessed that he is gay (Instagram: @ marcolehmann_13)
The Swiss Marco Lehmann confessed that he is gay (Instagram: @ marcolehmann_13)

In the last hours, one of the best European 3×3 basketball players made one of the most important decisions of his life. Swiss Marco Lehmann, star of discipline, told in an open letter that he is gay.

Through the platform Player’s Voice Within the official site of FIBA ​​-International Basketball Federation-, the Swiss, considered one of the best shooters on the international circuit and who led his country’s team in the discipline’s European Cup, explained the reasons that led him to express your decision.

“This is for all the people who no longer want to live a double life, those who live in a system where they don’t even exist. This is for future generations so that they can live a free sports life without hiding. I’m not going to lie, this is also for me to be able to live free of this burden “Lehmann said.

Marco, 27, who also shone on the professional circuit FIBA 3×3 with his Lausanne, the team with which he competed in three editions of the Finals FIBA 3×3 World Tour, took advantage of his writing to tell what it cost him to go through the process of feeling ready to face his sexual condition.

Lehmann recounted the conflicts he had to make the decision to announce his sexual condition (Instagram: @ marcolehmann_13)
Lehmann recounted the conflicts he had to make the decision to announce his sexual condition (Instagram: @ marcolehmann_13)

“I had been changing my personality for so long that it was affecting my mental health. Every week the same old thing: my boyfriend would take me to the airport and the moment I went through security, the happy gay in a relationship became the emotionless professional athlete, who did not want to talk about his personal life. In December 2019, I hit rock bottom. I started having emotional outbursts, tears, cold sweat running down my back. And for what? I’m just thinking about the next practice. Are we talking about practice? I just couldn’t bear the thought of having to switch from my homey personality to my competitive one once more, ”he said.

In addition, Lehmann confessed that his worst moment was at the end of 2019, just before the impact that the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic had on sport. He thought that by stepping away from the sport he could handle the situation, but he didn’t. Hoping the panic attacks would just stop. But they didn’t, ”said the Swiss basketball player.

“The travel ban and the interruption of competition due to the pandemic helped me hide my mental problems from the world of basketball. I always thought I would get through my entire career, repeating ‘I don’t have a girlfriend because I want to focus on basketball.’ But I couldn’t anymore “added.

After having to endure different expressions about homosexuality even from his own teammates, Lehmann felt it was time to announce that he is gay to help himself and others who have been through bad times like him.

The Swiss is one of the best shooters in 3x3 basketball (Instagram: @ marcolehmann_13)
The Swiss is one of the best shooters in 3×3 basketball (Instagram: @ marcolehmann_13)

“All these situations. All sleepless nights. All the moments of fear and mistrust have led to this. The time has come to enjoy the rest of my career without having to live a double life or hide my true self. And hopefully helping other gay athletes in Switzerland and around the world. It does not change anything if after a great victory, a player hugs his girlfriend or boyfriend, “said the Swiss.

“In my opinion, an athlete can only perform at the highest level if he is at peace with himself. And from today on, I will be ”, concluded the man who longs to seek the Olympic qualification for Switzerland for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.


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