A Destiny 2 glitch allows 12-player raids


The players seem to be enjoying a glitch of Destiny 2 what allows 12 users to participate in raids at the same time.

As reported by Forbes, players can gather 2 teams of six in a single raid (double the original number allowed), gathering a second team when the timer indicates “Launch at 0:02” during the activity load process. . If the second team joins in at the right time, they are both on the same map, with twelve players simultaneously dealing with the raid. In fact, you can see the glitch in all its glory in this YouTube video from the Scrub account, where they deal with enemies quite effectively. They even echo the drop in frames that the game suffers when 12 users shoot a single enemy at the same time, surpassing what the game can expect from us.

Through Twitter, several members of the community are showing the effects of this glitch, which is being exploited excessively and even causing the game to crash on its servers.

The point now is that, unsurprisingly, many users are opposed to Bungie creating a patch to fix it, because they find it more fun that way. Of course, the developer is already aware of the problem and will be working on it, which does not mean that they may perhaps consider implementing it in another way, since the reception is overwhelming.

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