A former PSG destroyed Neymar with strong criticism: “He gains kilos without stopping, he grows old and he does not have a proper way of life”

Neymar continues to recover from injury (Reuters)
Neymar continues to recover from injury (Reuters)

While Neymar continues on vacation in Brazil having fun with friends between parties and poker games, from France continues to win detractors. In this case it was the former PSG player Jerome Rothen, who attacked him forcefully during his show Rothen Ignites that is emitted by the Gallic media RMC

The 43-year-old former footballer took direct aim at former Barcelona, ​​who continues to recover from an injury that took him off the ground in late November: “It is less efficient. He gets old, he gains kilos without stopping, he doesn’t have the right way of life ”.

“How can we accept that from a player, who has not yet played 50% of the games since the start of the season and who has, compared to other years, a ratio of goals and assists below?” Rothen and added: “When you pass 30, the recovery does not go as well as at 25 and when you do foolish things you put everything at risk.”

Neymar was shown playing poker and partying during his vacation in Brazil (IG / @neymarjr)
Neymar was shown playing poker and partying during his vacation in Brazil (IG / @neymarjr)

The former French midfielder, who spent six years at PSG during the 2000s, felt that, “It is unacceptable by the club”, give these permits to the Brazilian, who should have already returned to Paris like all footballers, except for Messi who tested positive for coronavirus in Argentina.

“I once again blame the sports director because he manages the sports direction. It is he who decides everything. It is he who gives the go-ahead for Neymar to stay until January 9 and undergo treatment in Brazil. But where are we? It’s incredible! ”, He affirmed about Leonardo.

“Through Neymar’s nonsense on social networks such as showing himself playing poker, parties, the New Year … Now he is going to make videos in which he lifts weights to say that he is preparing to return in full swing in February, “said Rothen ironically about what would be his next post on social networks.

Mbappé became the most remarkable player in PSG's offensive trident (REuters)
Mbappé became the most remarkable player in PSG’s offensive trident (REuters)

The soccer panorama is not the best for the Brazilian, whose figure was overshadowed by the great performance of Kylian Mbappé throughout the first half of the season.

While the Brazilian is going through his worst course, scoring only three goals, giving three assists in 10 games and without converting into the Champions League, the French striker has been thirteen (not counting the five in the Coupe de France) in the same number of games.

Neymar comes from spending Christmas in a new $ 3.3 million seven-bed mansion that he bought near Sao Paulo and for December 31, the player looked for something more relaxed than what his fans are used to and photographed himself dressed in white for the occasion, implying that he still has a long process to return to the courts .


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