A former soccer player denounced her coach for sexual abuse and recounted the traumatic experience she lived

Fredo was coach of the Estonian team's women's team (kaljufc)
Fredo was coach of the Estonian team’s women’s team (kaljufc)

Estonian football became the focus of attention after the dismissal of the Brazilian coach was announced Getulio Fredo of the team Nomme Kalju FC after being investigated for sexual abuse. The 66-year-old was reported by a young woman who had him as a coach in 2007.

“I was moving up in soccer, I had big dreams and I wanted to be the next Marta, who is a popular player, “he explained My Belle Trisna in an interview with the program The evening (Night) of Channel 2 of his country.

After his statements, the Estonian football federation and the club took action on the matter and they decided to disassociate Fredo from the sport for an indefinite period of time, especially after the person involved said that he “had a relationship” with her.

Mia Belle confessed what she experienced during 2007 (miabellecoaching)
Mia Belle confessed what she experienced during 2007 (miabellecoaching)

“He started taking me home. Instead, one night he took me into the woods and parked the car. He said that if I wanted to become the next Marta, he had the ability to do that. I had to promise to do what he said. That night he began to touch me and took away my innocence. From there it continued for years. I could not tell anyone “, said the writer today and coach.

On the other hand, the coach who knew how to be champion with the Brazilian under-17 team, and who led the Nomme Kalju FC men’s team to the top of Estonian football, confessed in an interview that “he had a relationship ”with a 14-year-old girl but everything was“ consensual ”.

“I don’t know anything about any Mia. I was in a relationship with another person named Tiina “, remarked the native of Porto Alegre without knowing that Mia Belle Trisna was known as Tiina Trusti when she played both for the female category of Nomme Kalju FC and for the national team.

“It all started in training. I had a good relationship with her. I was 52 at the time and she was 14. I didn’t force her to do anything. Our relationship ended when she turned 21 ”, he acknowledged in dialogue with the website Postman. In Estonia, as in another handful of European countries, there are legal provisions for sexual consent from 14 years of age, so the justice could not act with another cover than that of sexual abuse, without taking into account whether the case prescribed or not criminally.

The technician closed his social networks after the dissemination of the case
The technician closed his social networks after the dissemination of the case

Robert Stival, the Brazilian’s lawyer, assured that his client is innocent since the sexual relations had been consensual: “In Estonia, 14-year-olds have the right to have sex and those 15 can even get married. The 14-year-old is guilty or may even go to jail ”.

The last to speak was the president of the club, Kuno Tehva, and published a statement on the team’s social networks: “We unequivocally condemn any abuse of children and await a public explanation from the coach. The last two days have been very difficult for the Nõmme Kalju club family. There are suspicions in the public against one of our most valued and veteran coaches, which has caused demands, sadness, resentment and questions at the same time ”.

Getulio Fredo admitted to having had a relationship with a player
Getulio Fredo admitted to having had a relationship with a player

“Regardless of how long the relationship lasted or was based, it is clear that establishing close relationships with children at an early age is by no means acceptable. Nõmme Kalju unequivocally condemns all forms of child abuse. We call on everyone to notice and point out that our children have a safe environment to train, develop and grow ”, he declared.


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