A French footballer assured that he loves Jorge Sampaoli and was surprised: “There is something of Guardiola in him”

Jorge Sampaoli is one step away from Olympique Marseille (Reuters)
Jorge Sampaoli is one step away from Olympique Marseille (Reuters)

The French and Brazilian press agree that in the coming days Jorge Sampaoli will travel to Europe and will be announced as the new technical director of the Marsella Olympic, a club that will pay close to 2 million euros to free him from Atlético Mineiro. In this context, the doubts about whether he is the one for this moment of the team have put some players on the scene who have worked under the command of the Argentine. One of them is Adil Rami.

The 35-year-old Frenchman currently plays for Boavista FC but coincided with the coach in the 2016/17 campaign, when he landed at Sevilla. There, he met a private leader who proposed an ambitious style of play that he still fondly remembers today.

“I love him so much”declared to the site Provence in a column that was published at this time in which he said: “His physique gives the impression of a bad boy (…) He asked us to position ourselves high, to harass the rival, not to let him play, exhaust them, try, shoot. It never stopped (…) It pushes you to be a pit bull. “

  Adil Rami was champion with France in 2018 (Reuters)
Adil Rami was champion with France in 2018 (Reuters)

In addition, the ex-boyfriend of Pamela Anderson warned that to be a player of hers “you really have to be physically and athletically prepared because it asks for a lot in this area”, adding: “He is a guy who goes straight to the point.” Regarding the idea of ​​offensive and pressure play, he assured: “There is something of Guardiola in Sampaoli.”

In turn, Rami, champion with France of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, doubted that his arrival could be beneficial for the French team that is seventh in Ligue 1: His madness can do well in Marseille. But not this Olympique. It will take a lot of signings because I think the current workforce is not at all with the style of play that he advocates. For example, I know you don’t always like tall, burly center-backs. He prefers them small, but fast. There is not that at the moment in Marseille. You need guys who can play fast and are very tough because you require your team to play high enough on the field. He wants his team to attack all the time. His obsession is to score goals ”.

The central defender recalled that in that campaign, Sevilla showed a great level: “We had a great season and we were leaders for a while. We had played great games, against him Barça in particular. It was at home, we had lost (1-2), but we had been huge! We had beaten Real Madrid at home (2-1) ”.

That stage in the Sevilla It ended when the coach received the call from the Argentine national team to take over as head of the team at the end of the Qualifiers with the aim of qualifying for Russia 2018. Despite the fact that the Albiceleste team did not improve, Sampaoli Yes, he was able to obtain the ticket to the contest on the last date by beating Ecuador 3 to 1. At the World Cup, in the framework of a series of internal conflicts between the coaching staff and the footballers, the team lost in the second round to France and weeks later it was fired.


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