A General Contractor’s Guide to Finding New Clients


A General Contractor’s Guide to Finding New Clients

If you want to make it as a general contractor, you have to be able to find new clients. Of course, finding new clients is easier said than done. So, the question is, well… how is it done?

There are a number of different ways to find new customers for your general contracting business. Read this guide to learn about the most common methods for finding new clients.

Engage in SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of getting a website to rank on Google for specific keywords. If you can rank your website for keywords that are relevant to general contracting in your area, you can establish a steady stream of new customers.

Now, how do you go about doing that? Publishing blog posts on your website is a good start but is only a small piece of the puzzle. For more help with the matter, check out this website: https://www.thehoth.com/solutions/contractors/seo/.

Get on Social Media

One of the best ways for general contractors to find new clients is to be active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and the like. By posting on these sites, and by interacting with other posters and commenters, you can get your name out there, broadening your exposure and obtaining more customers over time.

The key is to be consistent. Post a few times a week, and correspond with others on a regular basis.

Advertise on Your Vehicle

Another way to attract new clients to your general contracting business is to advertise your services on your vehicle. This way, you’ll make yourself known to anyone that passes you by.

The cheapest way to do this is to purchase a personalized magnet with your company’s name and logo on it. Make sure to include a phone number and be sure to indicate the services you provide.

Get Your Name on Listing Sites

The internet is filled with listing sites for various types of businesses. These sites are designed to help web users find new service providers. As such, having your business name on these sites is vitally important when it comes to obtaining new business.

Some sites you should list your business on include mybuilder.com, checkatrade.com, and ratedpeople.com, to name just a few. To find more of these sites, search “general contractor [your location]”, and see which sites pop up on the top of the page. There are bound to be additional listing sites for you to place your business on.

New Clients Are Right Around the Corner

General contractors are always needed. The work is out there and new clients are always right around the corner. So, use some of the methods above and you should be able to grow quite the client base.

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