A golf star launched a homophobic insult on camera and should have apologized


The homophobic insult of Justin Thomas

Societies have made progress in rights matters and there are situations that occur within the world of sport that were previously accepted, but that today are widely repudiated. Among these issues are homophobic phrases or insults, which are no longer tolerated and which are usually justly punished. That is why the American golfer Justin thomas he had to go out to publicly apologize after starring in an act that earned him serious criticism.

The sequence began when the current number 3 in the world ranking was in hole 4 of his third round in the Sentry Tournament of Champions, a contest that takes place in Kapalua (Hawaii) and in which he is the defending champion. The athlete missed a putt that seemed very simple and immediately an insult was heard in the microphones that can be translated into Spanish as “fag.”

It was almost a whisper, but the word did not go unnoticed. Television microphones managed to pick it up and it became a topic of conversation on sports broadcasts. “Wow, he’s really not happy with what just happened,” the contest commentator managed to say. In addition, fans began to discuss what happened on social media. The American found out about all these repercussions this after the round, which ended with a 68-shot card, five under par, four shots from the top.

Justin Thomas should have apologized after what happened (Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)
Justin Thomas should have apologized after what happened (Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

Hours later, Thomas published a statement in which he apologized for his behavior in that situation of helplessness and frustration. “It is inexcusable”, he assured. “First of all, I apologize, I am an adult, I am already grown up and there is no reason at all for me to say something like that,” he added.

The golfer said that what happened “was terrible” and admitted being “extremely ashamed.” “I am not so. This does not define who I am or what I do. Unfortunately I said it, I take responsibility and I apologize, “he concluded.

The PGA also echoed Thomas’ episode and issued its own reflection: “As he said after his round, this comment from Justin’s was unacceptable,” the agency said. At the moment it has not been reported if Thomas, who in 2020 was ranked first in the ranking for a week, will receive some kind of sanction or punishment. The specialized press published that they could impose a financial fine.


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