A hologram of Vince Lombardi excited everyone in the preview of Super Bowl LV


Vince Lombardi’s emotional hologram speech that moved everyone at Super Bowl LV

Technology did the impossible Lombardi wins, the mythical coach of the NFL showed up at Raymond Stadium James Stadium, from Tampa, Florida, to bring a message to all football fans and all the people who have endured the coronavirus pandemic for the last year.

With an emotional speech, which pointed to the pain that the families have suffered, the estrangement and the anguish they experienced U.S and the rest of the planet, remembered the importance of being united. “We did not get here alone, but as one,” remarked the hologram of the coach who marked American football forever.

The video was broadcast on the screens of the venue and several spectators and players were moved by the words of the one that were heard by all the speakers accompanied by emotional music.

The marketing director of the NFL, Tim Ellis had anticipated USA TODAY Sports about this moment: “This speech is an amalgamation of his speeches that are essentially re-articulated for today. And I think what it transmits is a very strong, positive, humane, compassionate and inspiring message for all of us. “

President Joe Biden issued a message of support in the preview and asked for a minute of silence for the victims of the coronavirus (Reuters)
President Joe Biden issued a message of support in the preview and asked for a minute of silence for the victims of the coronavirus (Reuters)

It is that the focus was precisely to support all those who have made the effort to endure these abnormal months where hugs and kisses were left aside and the masks took over their faces because of the COVID-19.

To make the image accurate, they enlisted the help of a visual effects studio, used previous Lombardi images and used “proprietary face swapping technology.” In addition, the family of the American who died in 1970 and also contributed to the video. “They were very excited, because they felt that it was a realistic human representation of their father, and he found a way to express the best things about his father,” he said. Ellis.

It is worth remembering that the pandemic has forced a reduction of about two thirds the capacity of the Raymond James Stadium de Tampa until occupying only 22,000 seats. Some 7,500 of those tickets were given to health workers who are already vaccinated and another 14,500 were put up for sale to the public through a lottery system.

The champion trophy is named after Lombardi because it was he who in front of Green Bay won the first two Super Bowls history and died in 1970 after failing to overcome colon cancer. His lifetime regular season record is 96-34-6 and in the Playoffs he achieved an incredible 9-1 record, closing a total of 105 wins, 35 losses and 6 draws.


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