a laptop with everything you need to play on PC, on time in the shortage of components


The current market for laptops and desktops is tremendously complicated. The lack of stock in graphics cards that assemblers have been arguing for months and the high price of computer components —especially GPUs that have risen in price by up to 200%— is making it almost impossible for the average user to get hold of a computer by pieces without spending more than 1,500 euros.

This means that the best alternative today is to opt for a neat portable gaming with the essential features to run the most demanding titles. This is why today the market is much more competitive than before and mounting an RTX 30 series graphics card is the most important for the end user.

Powered by an Intel Core processor, the Victus by HP 16.1-inch laptop has all the features you need for gaming and everyday use.

Powered by an Intel Core processor, the Victus by HP 16.1-inch laptop has all the features you need for gaming and everyday use.

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Imagen: HP

Although the RTX 3050 cannot be purchased separately for a desktop computer, we are talking about a range of cards that is currently around 800 euros on the market compared to the 1,200 euros that this one costs. HP Loser 16-d0029ns. This laptop has been my companion for about a month when it comes to playing and working day to day, and although it suffers from certain cuts in terms of its specifications -completely excusable- it has managed to supplant my desktop computer and rethink the importance of laptops for video games.


operating system

Windows 11


Intel Core i7-11800H

Graphic card

GeForce RTX 3050 de 4 GB GDDR6


2 modules of 8 GB at 3,200 MHz / Total 16 GB


512 GB storage NVMe SSD

screen dimensions

16.1″ at 1920×1080 resolution


SD card reader | USB-C | Power outlet | 3x USB-A | HDMI 2.1 | RJ45 | 3.5mm jack

A minimalist and sober finish

The truth is that what surprised me the most once I took this device out of its packaging was its proportion and design. We are talking about a laptop 16 inches, so it’s not extremely large, but HP has been known to occupy a large proportion of the laptop’s chassis, leaving only a few small stripes on the sides that little or nothing has to envy those monitors

Continuing with the device’s own chassis, we are talking about a laptop with a metallic finish but that is assembled in plastic. It is not something negative, we are talking about a device that does not exceed 1,200 euros and this helps the feeling of taking it everywhere to be one of incredible firmness and resistance. All this accompanied by a weight of 2.5 kilograms, perhaps somewhat high compared to that Asus TUF Dash F15 that Manuel Buzón analyzed last summer, so we are talking about a device very little light and difficult to transport.

Analysis: HP Foods 16

In terms of connectivity, the HP Victus surprises with its good range of options. On its left side we have the typical charger —which we will talk about next—, an RJ45 port, a USB-A 3.2, a 3.5mm headphone jack and an SD card reader. On the right side of the device we have the last two USB-A 3.2 of the three that the laptop mounts. Considering that you have a SSD as main disk, count on three USB 3.2 inputs It is appreciated for a laptop that seeks speed and immediacy.

Recovering the thread of the design, this I was pleasantly surprised. We are used to devices gaming They are accompanied by a very striking appearance, with RGB lights and a very elegant finish, even quirky I would say. In this aspect, the HP Victus 16 is a laptop with a design very minimalist, with its chrome V-shaped logo on the back and a huge keyboard with single color RGB lighting. Everything on this device is from a sobriety that enters through the eyes, perhaps more than other laptops.

Unfortunately and considering its matte plastic finish, it is extremely easy to stain, either with our own fingerprints or with the dust that may fall on the top of the panel when it is closed. It is not something that puts you back, necessarily, but it is a small con and a negative point to take into account and it is that from time to time it is advisable to clean it with a damp cloth to remove those traces of dirt.

A good speaker and a normal camera

Analysis: HP Foods 16

One of the main problems when using a laptop, whether for gaming or office automation, is its keyboard. Considering that it is far from offering performance similar to that of a good desktop peripheral, the feeling is tremendously satisfying. we found a dedicated key for pre-installed software on the HP Omen Gaming Hub and the remaining special keys to reduce the volume or turn off the lights on the keyboard.

When it comes to playing multimedia content or playing video games without headphones, the experience with its speakers is outstanding. These are located just in the margin between the screen and the keyboard, and on the sides, offering a very interesting stereo sound, although somewhat lacking in bass. Of course, we must bear in mind that once we run a game, the sound of the fans will be alto, so the sound quality will be inferior.

As for the rest of the attractions that we can find in the device without going into its more technical specifications, we find its webcam. We are talking about a small 720p camera. Is it enough to make video calls? Yes, to spare, the problem comes when we want to jump to a more professional section. make recordings, streaming or simply video calls where a certain quality is required in the retransmission it is not recommended with the device’s camera.

Screen and battery, the two sides of the coin

Its biggest negative point is, perhaps, its screen. We are talking about a 16.1-inch IPS panel and 1080p resolution. So far no problem, a standard in this type of device. Regarding the update frequency and despite talking about a laptop focused on video games, we find that we are facing a somewhat poor screen, with only 60 Hz.

HP Loser Analisis 16

I understand that we are in a high price range, but still far from the highest range of laptops, so a 60 Hz panel is tremendously excusable for the price offered by this HP Victus 16. However, the brightness of the screen leaves something to be desired. By having a panel with IPS technology, the color rendering is remarkable, but its 250 nits make it somewhat difficult to enjoy everything this laptop has to offer outdoors or in rooms where light hits the screen directly. Don’t get me wrong, in the rest of the situations we are facing a panel that has little to envy the rest of the laptops, but its final performance makes me frown versus what could have been.

As for the battery, we are facing a maximum capacity of 70Wh in 4 cells. This translates into an average duration. If we value its 70 Wh compared to the competition, which can reach 90Wh, it falls short, but considering that we are talking about a device in this price range, it is more than enough. As the next positive point we find its fast charge. The HP Victus has a 200W charger with fast charging that allows us to charge the device to the 50% in just one hour.

Especially if we attend to office automation work or simply multimedia. At 70% brightness, the HP Victus battery lasted me about 5 hours. Of course, when playing is totally different. Not only is the battery depleted within an hour, but the performance of the device is reduced. This, far from being a novelty, is something completely inherent to this type of devices, but it never hurts to warn that playing any AA or AAA title without being connected to the electrical network is practically impossible.

Remarkable performance, albeit with caveats

Analisis Hp Foods 16

We come to the most important and perhaps the most divisive section in terms of reviewing this HP Victus. We are facing a laptop with specifications more restrained techniques than many of the devices on the market, but from which you can “get a lot of juice”. Recall that it mounts an i7-11800H processor with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and an RTX 3050 graphics card.

While we are still waiting for Nvidia to introduce its 2050 range on the market that will replace these 3050 in the laptop market gaming low budget, this range of GPUs are a standard today. Is it possible to run 2021 games with this graphics card? of course, but we will have to make some small concessions.

Analisis Hp Foods 16

When it comes to facing titles that are very CPU-dependent, the HP Victus has no problem running titles like Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone or even Battlefield 2042 —although in this last title we will have to make use of DLSS to work above 60 FPS—but in titles like Cyberpunk 2077 or Halo Infinite, things are different.

Keep in mind that two of the five mentioned above, in addition to being very demanding, are poorly optimized on PC. Battlefield 2042, for example, has been tested under DLSS on Quality, so removing small pulls, the performance is amazing at a medium-high graphic quality. As for the latest CD Projekt title, the HP Victus suffers greatly in urban playgrounds.

Analisis Hp Foods 16

In fact, we will have to forget about playing with Ray Tracing activated in those games where it is possible to use it. The RTX 3050 can cope with this graphical tool, at least on paper, but when it comes to gaming the reality is different. The HP Victus greatly benefits from supporting technologies like DLSS or Reflex to work properly in many games. That is why titles like Halo Infinite, despite having small performance problems, to reach the long-awaited 60 FPS is recommended to reduce the graphic quality and sacrifice certain options to set them to Low.

Hp Foods Analysis

Do I recommend the HP Victus 16?

I want to be honest with you and it is that despite my proximity to PC hardware, I had never had in my hands a device purely gaming, or at least focused on the video game. Therefore, my feeling has been one of surprise at what this laptop can do with some specs so understated.

Recommending a laptop today, with the problems of the current landscape, is complicated, but the situation does not seem to improve in a short period of time. HP Victus 16 has made me realize that for the user who does not want to invest more than a thousand euros in a PC for parts or who only needs the characteristics of a laptop —connectivity, transport, size…—, this is a equipment to consider.

Beyond that, evaluating what it offers us, the HP Victus 16 can handle everything if we know its limitations. They are small and obvious, like the amount of VRAM and its storage, but not I have had a problem with almost no title, and with those that do, I attribute it to a major lack of optimization.


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