A Law Enforcement Source Says A Teenager Turns Himself In For Killing A Man Vogueing At A Brooklyn Gas Station


A Law Enforcement Source Says A Teenager Turns Himself In For Killing A Man Vogueing At A Brooklyn Gas Station:

A top law enforcement source said that the man suspected of cutting O’Shae Sibley to death at a gas station turned himself within at a station house in Brooklyn.

Police have not yet said what the suspect’s name is. On X, which used to be called Twitter, New York City Councilwoman Inna Vernikov stated that the man turned himself in Friday as well as was now in jail. A high-ranking police officer stated that the person was in arrest.

This Occur When A Group Of Friends Dancing To A Beyoncé Song At A Midwood Mobil Station:

The news comes before a tribute for Sibley, who was killed when a group of friends dancing to a Beyoncé song at a Midwood Mobil station got into an argument.

A friend said that while he as well as the group he was alongside were getting gas, another set of young guys seemed to be upset about something.

Even though cops haven’t said much about what happened or why, a friend who was there stated in a sad video posted to Facebook who Sibley died “due to the he stood up for his friends.”

Otis Pena said in a Facebook video that 28-year-old professional dancer Sibley and his friends were listening to Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” record “and just having a good time” when the attack happened soon after.

The attack upon Sibley, a gay man, made the LGBTQ community in New York City very angry. It also made Beyoncé post a tribute to Sibley on her website. Initial news stories said that Sibley was stabbed while dancing, yet security camera footage shows that the situation was more complicated.

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No One Has Been Charged Yet:

No one has been charged yet, but the case has been looked into as a potential hate crime. People who knew the 28-year-old victim were shocked by the pointless crime and the fact that a fight could turn deadly.

“The couple was dancing. I can promise you that while they were getting gas, they were voguing doing crazy things. I wasn’t there, yet based on what I’ve seen, that’s how things are.

Beckenbaur Hamilton, Sibley’s neighbor and friend, said, “He comes out here, turns off the music, and just starts dancing, voguing, and carrying on.”

Sibley danced with Philadanco in both his home city of Philadelphia as well as New York. He used dance, like Kemar Jewel’s “Soft: A Love Letter to Black Queer Men,” to show how he felt about being gay and black.

Some of the men within Sibley’s group were seen dancing-like strutting by their car while wearing only swimming suits and no shirts. A short time later, Sibley went to the convenience shop at the gas station and started talking to a young man who seemed upset. As they talked, a few people came together.

When Sibley’s friends came over, they fought with the other person for a few minutes. Then everyone went their separate ways, and Sibley as well as his friends walked back towards their cars.

Except for a single individual who stayed outside and used his phone to record, everyone else went into the gas station shop.

Sibley and a friend were about to get into an automobile when they stopped and walked quickly back toward the person on the phone, as if he had stated something that made them angry.

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The young man, who thought to be in his teens, took a step back as Sibley moved forward. A man stepped between them when he came out of the store. Then, Sibley lunged surrounding the man as well as at the teen, who jumped back. The two people proceeded to move out of the camera’s view.

From the tape, it’s not clear when or by whom Sibley was struck or who had the knife. A moment later, he walked out of view, looking shocked and checking his side. Sibley was transported to a hospital close, but he died there.

Summy Ullah, who was there, told the Daily News that the young men were bothering Sibley’s group because they didn’t like how they were acting. “They were saying, ‘Oh, we’re Muslim, so don’t do this within front of me,'” said Ullah, who is 32 years old.

The Argument Occur On Silly Point And We Lost Sibley:

Ullah also said, “There was nothing else going on. All they did was dance.” He said that someone asked him, “Why are you dancing within your underwear?”

In the video, which was shared a few hours after Sibley’s death, Pena choked back tears as he talked about how the guy he called “the salt to my pepper, the peanut butter to my jelly,” had been stabbed. He said, “They killed him as he was gay.”

On Saturday, there will be a gathering at the LGBTQ Community Center in Manhattan. On Tuesday in Philadelphia, there will be an event to honor the life of a person. On Beyoncé’s website, it now says, “Rest in power, O’Shae Sibley.”