A leak seems to confirm the duration of Hogwarts Legacy and other information about the game


There’s only less than a month left until Hogwarts Legacy launches on some platforms, and some players impatient They have already shared very valuable information about the new title by social networks.

As VGC points out, a Twitter user has shared several images related to Hogwarts Legacy where you can see the game menu and part of its art book with some maps and descriptions of its characters.

These images have come accompanied by a fair amount of Hogwarts Legacy detail. You can find them all in this Reddit thread, but be careful if you enter, you can eat some other spoiler of the game.

It will reportedly take a total of 35 hours to complete the Hogwarts Legacy storyraising the figure to 70 hours if you want to complete it 100% (side missions, collectibles and more).

In the images shared by the user of Twitter called @ManwithSecrets_ can be seen some designs of the different areas of Hogwarts Legacy, such as the school and Hogsmeade. Although it does not appear in the images, the leak has referred to the Forbidden Forest, an area that will be packed with collectibles and puzzles where we will have to use all our magic to complete them.

Finally, we can also take another look at the game menu, where we will have the possibility to change our wand, our broom and our mountin addition to being able to equip ourselves with all kinds of accessories (such as capes, gloves, glasses or suits) and see all our statistics.

The latest Hogwarts Legacy delay marked the February 10, 2023 as the new release date, although only for PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X | S. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will be able to enjoy this magical title on April 4, 2023being the last date the July 25, 2023 para Nintendo Switch.

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The enthusiasm for this magical world has helped it become one of the games that is generating the most money on Steam. If you plan to play Hogwarts Legacy on PC, don’t miss all its minimum and recommended requirements.